Incedo Inc. Transforms Security Defenses and Becomes a Highly Resilient Organization with Check Point

By Amit Sharon, Head of Global Customer Community & Market Research, Check Point


Incedo serves clients in financial services, telecommunications, life sciences, healthcare, and product engineering. Until recently, multiple distributed cloud environments—for itself and its clients—had been protected individually by traditional perimeter and endpoint solutions from multiple vendors. However, a rapidly evolving global threat environment exposed interoperability issues and the challenge of securing it all.

 Amit Sharon: What security problems did you face that launched a search for a different approach?

Archie Jackson: Identity and access management had become challenging, and “shadow IT” endpoints introduced risk. We lacked visibility at the endpoint level, as well as unified visibility across the environment. With multi-vendor solutions, it was impossible to orchestrate security consistently.

Amit Sharon: What were your requirements for a new solution?

Archie Jackson: We wanted industry-leading protection from a vendor that supported our zero-trust approach to security. We needed a trusted partner. Check Point was a trusted partner from the very beginning. It was remarkable how the Check Point sales and implementation teams are so well integrated. They completely focused on helping us solve our challenges.

Amit Sharon: How does Check Point secure your environment now?

Archie Jackson: Check Point gave us the industry-leading protection we needed. Check Point Infinity Architecture enabled us to implement zero-trust security everywhere. Check Point Quantum Security Gateways consolidated our security infrastructure and give us autonomous threat prevention and protection across all network points. We extended that protection to our private cloud environment with Check Point CloudGuard Network Security. Check Point R80 Security Management brings complete, unified visibility of our entire environment with automated capabilities.

We’ve recently added Check Point CloudGuard Posture Management to a client’s AWS cloud deployment, which had additional authentication and compliance requirements. CloudGuard Posture Management gives us security and compliance controls with deep visualization, multi-factor authentication, and policy automation so we can continuously verify security management.

Amit Sharon: How did you meet your goals for endpoint security? 

Archie Jackson: With Check Point Harmony Endpoint. This was a game-changing solution for us. We gained protection and visibility without affecting business performance or productivity. Automatic blocking, detection, investigation, and remediation work seamlessly in the background. It’s made all the difference in the world to us.”

Amit Sharon: How would you describe your results?

Archie Jackson: They have been profound. When ransomware spiked in 2020 and earlier in 2021, all of our environments stayed safe. Harmony Endpoint threat hunting with automated detection and detailed reports dramatically accelerated our SOC processes. By consolidating our security defenses with Check Point, we’re far more agile and flexible than we could have been before. Check Point has helped us become a highly resilient organization.

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