Check Point R81.10 AI & ML Driven Threat Prevention and Security Management

By Michael A. Greenberg, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Quantum

Check Point’s latest version of the Quantum Cyber Security platform is officially GA.

Welcome to the Check Point Quantum Cyber Security platform R81.10, the industry’s most advanced Threat Prevention and security management software for network security that delivers uncompromising simplicity and consolidation. Back in 2020, Check Point introduced R81 as the first Autonomous Threat Prevention system. R81 provides fast, self-driven policy creation and one-click security installation that keep security policies up to date protecting enterprises against the latest ransomware and zero day threats. The security policy upgrades require only one click enabling the gateways to be simultaneously upgraded in few minutes dramatically increasing security  management productivity.

Check Point R81.10 brings a major improvement in operational security efficiency by improving security management reliability, performance, and scale. Critical operations such as APIs, High Availability synchronization, and login are more reliable and faster than ever. In addition, the SmartConsole is automatically updated with the latest fixes and improvements. R81.10 adds new dynamic log distribution to add log server capacity on demand. And as part of Scalable Platforms, R81.10 brings a unique mix and match ability to leverage different Quantum security gateways within a single Quantum Maestro security group.


With the recent release of Check Point R81.10, Check Point has extended the capabilities of its Quantum Hybrid Data Center Security solution to deliver the most advanced protection for complex hybrid data centers with brisk operations and an ultra-scalable platform.

With the rapid acceleration of cloud adoption, business applications are spread across the data center and multiple clouds. 82%1 of enterprises are following a Hybrid Cloud strategy by adopting cloud characteristics like agility and scale for their on premise environments. Given the recent surge in ransomware, supply chain and zero day attacks, it should be no surprise that security is the #1 challenge for enterprises deploying Hybrid Data Centers2.

The portability of workloads across different clouds and the remote workforce opens a much broader threat landscape. Cyber criminals have increased the number of sophisticated cyber attacks including the Sunburst supply chain attack that compromised 18,000 data centers, and ransomware attacks that impacted critical infrastructure, healthcare and transportation causing $4.4M in losses.

As security threats become more frequent and sophisticated it becomes more complex to secure the modern data center with the solutions available today. One of the biggest challenges is centrally managing the security of applications when they are distributed across on premise and cloud systems. This is further complicated by the expanded perimeter that needs to allow users to securely connect to data center resources and the cloud applications from anywhere. The ability to rapidly deliver services and apps becomes hindered when disparate security solutions are in place, creating a bottleneck of security over performance. As the traffic between the data center and cloud increase, the challenge becomes scaling on-premise security on demand with the elasticity of the cloud.

Check Point’s complete Hybrid Data Center Security portfolio delivers:

Highest level of threat prevention for the data center: enable advanced threat prevention to block data center attacks with over 60 AI & ML threat prevention engines designed for the hybrid data center in addition to unified Kubernetes security (container security) and Next Generation WAF for web and API security

Automated and scalable data center operations with Check Point Maestro – world’s #1 Hyperscale security solution. Check Point Maestro combines the performance of 52 gateways on demand delivering up to 1.5 Tbps of threat prevention performance. Automatically load balances resources based on traffic characteristics for maximum resiliency. Unified cyber security platform provides micro segmentation with flexible and dedicated policy layers for tighter isolation against threats.

Consolidated Security Management and Compliance: All access points are controlled in one place to manage entire data center security stack from a single screen. Agile sub-second adaptive policy automates all changes in real time providing strong data center security posture. Reduce operation costs and enable security teams to be more efficient with unique ability allowing multiple administrators to work simultaneously without conflicts.

Security for Multi-cloud and Remote Users: Cloud native security with unified policy for access and threat prevention to the data center and cloud. Simplified the way users can access the data center with clientless zero trust access to corporate apps for managed or unmanaged devices. Fast and direct secure internet access to any application using a web browser.


Check Point is transforming how organizations secure their hybrid data centers. Businesses now have greater flexibility to securely move workloads between data center and clouds to suit their needs, on demand, they can enable applications and workloads to be delivered at the edge with better response times, lower costs and faster times to market.

The modern data center and network requires the flexibility of a hybrid cloud security architecture that uses automation and AI to scale threat prevention performance on demand on premise and in the cloud, with a simplified and unified management system.

Check Point’s Hybrid Data Center Security Solution increases performance and scalability without complexity. The Quantum family of products prevent sophisticated east-west attacks, isolate threats with zero trust micro segmentation, hyperscale performance on demand, fully automated operations, dynamic and unified policy management, and secure connectivity to the cloud and remote users.

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1 (82% stat)

2 (#1 challenge stat)