TopRx Protects Business Continuity Through by Strengthening Its Security Posture with Check Point Software

By Amit Sharon, Head of Global Customer Community & Market Intelligence, Check Point Software

When a pharmaceutical distributor needed to expand cybersecurity defenses to remote employees, it looked for a near-zero-touch solution that delivered deep visibility. See how they did it.


More than 7,000 pharmacies in the United States rely on TopRx to keep them stocked with generic pharmaceuticals and home health products. In a recent conversation with Michael Catanzaro, Lead Information Security Engineer for TopRx, we discussed the challenges of securing remote endpoints.

Millions of patients rely on their pharmacies for prescriptions and other healthcare products. To meet those needs, TopRx’s priority is ensuring nonstop operations. Having a strong security posture is integral to this goal. Until the COVID pandemic, most of the company’s users and endpoints were on premises, defended behind Check Point Next Generation Security Gateways. When the pandemic forced employees to work from home, TopRx needed to extend protection to their systems.

Amit Sharon: What specific types of protection were you looking for in a solution for remote endpoints?

Michael Catanzaro: Until the COVID pandemic, most of our users and endpoints were on premises, defended behind Check Point Next Generation Security Gateways. When that changed, we needed comprehensive, enterprise-grade protection—against ransomware, phishing, drive-by malware, and sophisticated threats—along with deep visibility into each endpoint. We also wanted to replace our previous signature-based detection solution with one that used behavior-based techniques.

Amit Sharon: Why did you choose Check Point Harmony Endpoint?

Michael Catanzaro: First, during our testing of three different solutions, Check Point Harmony Endpoint was the only one that stopped every threat we threw at it. It’s cloud-based and easy to use. But it also offers much more. The compliance blade scans endpoints to be sure they have the latest updates—not allowing them to join the network until they are properly patched. Threat emulation and threat extraction features ensure that users aren’t infected by malicious files. The URL filtering protects all of our remote systems, whether they’re connected to our network, a home Wi-Fi network, or completely disconnected.

Amit Sharon: How are you handling threat discover and remediation?

Michael Catanzaro: I discovered Check Point Harmony Endpoint’s threat hunting features through the Check Point Infinity ThreatCloud™ portal. Every day, I get on the dashboard and proactively search for potentially malicious tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs). I can instantly see botnet traffic, infected assets, remediated infections, and running scripts. Integration with the MITRE ATT&CK© Framework delivers additional visibility and guidance for mitigating any suspicious events. Check Point Harmony Endpoint gives us really deep visibility into threats that might otherwise go undetected.

Amit Sharon: How is Check Point helping TopRx meet its customer and partner service objectives?

Michael Catanzaro: It strengthened our overall security posture. When threats overwhelmingly target endpoint first, we have a stellar defense in place. We’ve maintained business continuity and greatly improved our security posture with far less time invested in maintaining endpoint software.

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