Come Meet Check Point Software at AWS re:Invent 2021

By Russell Tal, Alliance Marketing Manager

AWS re:Invent is just around the corner and Check Point is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of the ninth annual event! Considered one of the biggest cloud events in the industry, re:Invent serves to inspire and educate AWS cloud practitioners to adopt and innovate their business using the Amazon Web Services cloud computing platform. In this blogpost, we will discuss Check Point’s partnership with AWS, the top three things attendees should check out at re:Invent to learn more about Check Point’s partnership in helping customers adopt the AWS cloud with confidence, and what to bring to have a pleasant experience at both the in-person and virtual conference.

Check Point and AWS: a strategic partnership

Customers are migrating to AWS to capitalize on the many benefits cloud delivers, such as freeing up on-site resources, shifting costs to more accurate consumption models, scaling on demand to meet market requirements, and leveraging enterprise-level data analytics to drive business decisions.

AWS customers who want to migrate more of their resources to the cloud want to know they can make the transformation securely. Together, Check Point and AWS remove security obstacles and create a safe and easy path for migration to the cloud. With Check Point, customers are protected on-premises, in the private cloud, and on the AWS public cloud infrastructure—making security an enabler of transformation, not an inhibitor.

Check Point’s unified multi-cloud security platform, CloudGuard, is at the crux of this transformation. CloudGuard builds on the foundation of AWS native tools and services—seamlessly incorporating Check Point’s Intelligent Threat Prevention functionality and providing customers with enriched data analysis capabilities.

Of course, automation and self-protection are critical to keeping up with the ever-changing, dynamic nature of the AWS cloud, and CloudGuard delivers these capabilities—integrating with over 50 AWS services. Customers can deploy CloudGuard in minutes from the AWS Marketplace and use it to scale to specific requirements and growth needs.

Check Point is proud to exhibit at AWS re:Invent to demonstrate to customers and partners how these security enhancements can move users closer to their business goals.


  • Attend our Live Session: CovertOps on DevOps: Leveraging Security to Shift Left (Tuesday, November 30 at 1:15PM, Caesars Forum):

If you are developer or part of the devops team, you know that working successfully with the cloud requires both effective security and seamless automation. In this session, learn from cloud security experts’ best processes for adopting a security-as-code mindset for ultra-modern architectures. Find out how to stop advanced attacks by using new strategies and technologies with fully automated security of the CI/CD pipeline, in the CI/CD pipeline, and across the cloud and application lifecycle.

  • Come to the AWS Jams Lounge and check out Check Point’s interactive Jam Session on how to secure containers within AWS.

If you are a hands-on technologist who likes to tackle challenges with real-world experience, AWS Jam Session is your jam (pun intended)! Join Check Point in this interactive challenge to test your skills on how to set up and deploy a Kubernetes cluster within AWS with CloudGuard Workload Protection.

  • Come meet our cloud experts at the in-person conference. Schedule a meeting to meet our cloud security experts to get more acquainted on how Check Point’s cloud security solutions helps you securely adopt more AWS cloud with confidence. Learn about best practices and have a whiteboard session with our cloud engineers that is specific to your environment and needs.


For many of us, re:Invent will be our first face-to-face event in almost two years! There are different rules for the tradeshow during the pandemic, and this conference is spread out between four hotels. We recommend you bring:

  1. Hand sanitizer: While hand sanitizer will be available throughout the event spaces, bring your own if you can—you’ll be meeting dozens or even hundreds of people during the day.
  2. Refillable water bottle: You’re in the middle of the desert! Even though its late fall, it is still important to keep yourself hydrated. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the conference.
  3. Good socks and comfortable shoes: You will be on your feet most of the day, walking to and from different sessions. Wear good quality socks and shoes.
  4. Proof of vaccination: AWS re:Invent requires all badge holders to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to attend the in-person event. (Many of the local casinos, event centers, and restaurants also have this requirement.) Please refer to the re:Invent health and safety page for more information. A negative COVID-19 test will not be accepted as a substitution.
  5. Masks: For the in-person conference, masks are required for everyone at all re:Invent activities and spaces (and many of the local casinos and restaurants also have this requirement). The requirements follow CDC guidelines, so please review those before attending.

We at Check Point are not only excited to be a Platinum Sponsor for AWS re:Invent this year, but also to meet our joint customers and partners in person for the first time in nearly two years. Have a productive, informative conference, and we look forward to seeing you there!