Check Point named a Major Player in Modern Endpoint Software Security for Small and Midsize Businesses in the latest IDC MarketScape Report

SOURCE: IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Modern Endpoint Security for Small and Midsize Businesses 2021 Vendor Assessment, Doc #48304721. November 2021. IDC MarketScape vendor analysis model is designed to provide an overview of the competitive fitness of ICT suppliers in a given market. The research methodology utilizes a rigorous scoring methodology based on both qualitative and quantitative criteria that results in a single graphical illustration of each vendor s position within a given market. The Capabilities score measures vendor product, go-to-market and business execution in the short-term. The Strategy score measures alignment of vendor strategies with customer requirements in a 3-5-year timeframe. Vendor market share is represented by the size of the circles.

By: Shlomi Gvili, Senior Product Manager, Endpoint & Mobile Solutions

We are proud to announce that Check Point is recognized as a Major Player in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Modern Endpoint Security 2021 Vendor Assessment for Small and Midsize Businesses (Doc # US48304721, November 2021), with its Harmony Endpoint security solution recognizing, as well, our extended Quantum and CloudGuard security product portfolio. According to the IDC MarketScape Report, demand for modern endpoint security (MES) is on the rise. MES can be defined as the technologic combination of endpoint protection platforms (EPPs) for deterministic prevention and endpoint detection and response (EDR) for post-compromise reaction.

The IDC MarketScape specifically cited Check Point’s pivot in aligning product strategy to the growing customer appetite for integrated product suites over independent point products. This is a crucial matter for SMBs in regard to cyber resiliency. As a prime target for cybercriminals, SMBs often struggle with the expertise, manpower, and IT budget needed to protect against today’s cyber-attacks. In addition, with our TCO advantage, we make all areas of struggle a breeze for SMB’s as they attempt to get a handle on their various security solutions. By adopting a consolidated security approach with Check Point solutions, SMBs can quickly realize preemptive protection against advanced cyberattacks, while achieving an increase in operational efficiency and reduction in security costs.

Check Point offers a full suite of SMB security technologies that provides its customers with choice and combinability across multiple areas. As stated in the report, Harmony, itself, is one of three suites in Check Point’s full product portfolio of SMB and enterprise products. The other two suites are Quantum (network security) and CloudGuard (cloud security). Like Harmony, there are multiple product sets in the Quantum and CloudGuard suites. In addition, Check Point also provides a self-managed endpoint (PC/Mobile) product line under the ZoneAlarm brand. ZoneAlarm products contain the same technologies as in Harmony and are suitable for SOHO (small office home office) and consumers.


Let’s take a quick second to talk about the SMB market and better understand why we believe we are well-positioned as a major player in today’s market. The SMB market is shifting to remote access and work-from-anywhere environments, and is now even becoming a strategic vision and need for a majority of SMBs today. Both sides, employees and employers, are increasingly becoming comfortable with adopting a hybrid workforce environment. As a result, these environments have become much more distributed; meaning more cloud apps, remote desktop workstations, existing data centers, and more. And on top of that, employees are using their personal devices to connect to the network which ultimately increases the overall attack surface.

Understanding this, Check Point has designed a perfect collection of security technologies that fulfills all of the security needs of an SMB; including market-leading network protection, endpoint protection, and email & office security, no matter their size. Security for an SMB is far too important to ignore. With Check Point’s SMB security offerings, small businesses can feel confident that they have the best security available, in a package that doesn’t require extensive expertise or time to get high levels of protection quickly.

To learn more about these products from Check Point, head to the following links: Quantum Spark, Harmony Endpoint, and Harmony Email & Office.

To learn more we invite you to download an excerpt of the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Modern Endpoint Security for Small and Midsized Businesses 2021 Vendor Assessment.