George Takei and Usain Bolt to Join Check Point CPX 360

We are thrilled to announce two major celebrities will join us at CPX 360 2022, the most important cyber security event of the year.

First, we have George Takei, the beloved Mr. Sulu of Star Trek, who will join us for a lively and broadranging conversation. Mr. Takei is known around the world for his role in the original TV series “Star Trek,” in which he played Hikaru Sulu, helmsman of the Enterprise starship. Takei’s story spans six decades, from a childhood in which his family was wrongfully imprisoned in Japanese American internment camps during WWII to becoming a leading activist, actor, and social media mega star.

As well, 8 times Olympic champion and world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt will join us for an exclusive interview event to discuss how top-performance and speed can be the mere difference between winning and losing. Securing your organization’s network and dominating your rivals in an Olympic race both come down to one key factor: moving at light speed.

You won’t want to miss this riveting event. Register now:

At this virtual event, you’ll also encounter an exclusive lineup of keynotes and in-depth sessions from industry visionaries and global experts who are helping to shape the future of cyber security.

This is your opportunity to learn about ground-breaking industry innovations and how to use them to your advantage for years to come. CPX 360 2022 will arm you with the knowledge you need to combat the latest security challenges brought on by the post-pandemic world.

Who should attend?

No matter what your role is within cyber security, CPX 360 2022 is a must-attend event that will help you obtain the knowledge and strategy you need to meet your business goals.

In addition to hearing from internationally renowned individuals, CPX 360 2022 will allow you to take a deep-dive into technology issues and trends, provide you with a preview of new emerging technologies, present you with best practices and security solutions, offer hands-on labs, and showcase a series of additional outstanding leaders.

Here are several highlights from the Agenda

  • Cyber Talk Keynotes – Experience top cyber security experts who identify ways to tackle unprecedented security challenges.
  • Expo – Explore the EXPO and see the latest technology solutions and demos from Check Point and our Partners.
  • Zero-Trust & SASE Best Practices Workshops (NEW) – Deep dive into implementing Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and SASE.
  • Secure The Cloud – Learn about securing your cloud with effective blueprints to SaaS, public and private clouds.
  • Zero Trust Users & Access (NEW) – Learn about cutting-edge technologies for securing users and their access to assets.
  • Securing the Hybrid Data Center (NEW) – Prevent threats to the data center, perimeter and IoT before they cause damage.
  • Security Automation, SOC & XDR – Learn how to automate and orchestrate security with innovative solutions.
  • Threat Intelligence & Research (NEW) – Learn how hackers are developing the next wave of threats.
  • Customer Use-Cases – Listen first-hand to best practices from organizations discussing real use-cases.
  • R&D Technology Innovation Roundtables (NEW) – Engage in interactive technology from Check Point R&D teams.
  • Hands-On Labs – Test drive our latest technology through labs and step-by-step cookbooks.
  • CISO & Executive Track (NEW) – Network with like-minded peers on cyber challenges with fellow CISOs.

Customize Your Agenda

We are excited to announce that at CPX 360, you can now customize your agenda. Choose from an exclusive lineup of over 100 keynotes, workshops and in-depth sessions from industry visionaries and global experts who are helping to shape the future of cyber security.

Log in to the event platform after registering, using the links below, to create your personal agenda by selecting the “add to my agenda” button or save a direct link for specific sessions to your calendar by clicking the “add to calendar” button. You can see the full agenda here.

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Regional Dates for CPX 360:

APAC: Jan 18-20, 2022

Americas: Jan 25-27, 2022 EMEA: Feb 1-3, 2022