2022: A New Strategy for the New Year

Driving Impact and Changing the Game in Cyber Security

By Peter Alexander, CMO Check Point

Check Point is transforming in 2022!

A series of new strategic directions will reshape cyber security with the best and brightest thinking around new products, new experiences and a new mindset.

A cornerstone of our strategy is unprecedented innovation to leapfrog anything on the market today. Our new products will blow the doors off the competition with lightning speed, delivering the best price/performance available today.

In addition to massive improvements in network security performance, our heightened innovation will significantly improve your cloud security, email security and more — to best protect your organization.

You Deserve the Best Security

To emphasize our new direction, Check Point is rolling out our new mantra, “You Deserve the Best Security.” This highlights the reality that only the best security can fully protect you in today’s complex threat epidemic. Large scale, multi-vector attacks now threaten the fabric of societies around the globe.

Only the best security can protect against these Gen V attacks, and Check Point’s transformative new product innovations will achieve this better than ever.

New Check Point Logo
To showcase our transformation and signal our new thinking and energy, we’re proud to unveil a new updated logo.  You can view a short video illustrating the evolution from our original logo to new.

Why Change Now?
Since day one, when our founder and CEO Gil Shwed invented the original cyber security technology in 1993, millions of customers have come to know Check Point for providing the best cyber security in the world. Our original logo is arguably one of the most recognizable brands in high tech today, so why change?

Even though Check Point’s legacy and expertise remain second to none, we believe now is the right time to refresh our visual identity, in concert with other transformative innovations that we’ll deliver in 2022.

The Inspiration

First and foremost, our new Check Point logo retains a clear connection to our iconic and distinctive brand, while signaling consistency with our founding principles of technology leadership and unwavering excellence in product innovation. Since day one, Check Point has consistently delivered the best technology in the market, without fanfare. With a growing competitive landscape there are now hundreds of small and large players, all of them delivering only fragmented solutions with partial or limited security.

For Check Point to break through the noise, now is the time for us to ‘flip the switch; and proudly claim our longstanding industry leadership. Emphasizing our new mantra, make no mistake, our technology is differentiated and complete – and the best at protecting you against threats, bar none.

Our new logo reflects our differentiation, with a modern design, and a vibrant color that breaks through the sea of sameness offered by so many newcomers. The primary shape shifts to a balanced, well-rounded design – reflecting our new outlook. The network lines pay homage to the prior logo, but emphasize what’s most important, a fresh, bold statement that reflects our confidence in delivering a renewed focus that can transform the world.

From a practical standpoint, the new visual identity is optimized for digital, where most content is consumed these days. A greater color contrast will stand out, delivering on our mission to best protect our customers. The design is also consistent with and symbolizes our focus on securing the cloud and email collaboration on mobile devices. We catch the eye with use of negative space, with the external dot also symbolizing how Check Point prevents incoming elements from penetrating the organization. There’s also a not-so-subliminal depiction of a check mark shape and a point, which of course makes sense given our name and the legendary meaning it stands for.

What Next?

The roll out of the new logo will be adopted across all public-facing areas, starting with our CPX 360 event and beyond, including the entirety of our digital footprint. Over time, we’ll refresh our physical signage. The visuals in the appendix below will give you an idea of what to expect with our full roll out.

In 2022, you’ll continue to see Check Point making bold changes and challenging ourselves to the benefit of our customers and partners. We’ll invest in a future with new thinking, more resources, and growth strategies enhancing all areas of the company.

At Check Point, we believe our customers and partners deserve the best security, today and always. We are on a mission to make sure we extend our best to reach every possible organization. If you’re already a Check Point customer, remain confident that you’re protected from the ominous threats of Gen V attacks or worse. If you’re not yet a customer, I invite you to join us on this journey.

Meet with our experts, along with our partners, to discuss your needs, and let us show you how we can secure your environment better than any others. Access our demos  here 

As always, I warmly welcome your thoughts, and invite you to share feedback which will come directly to me.

Hear more about our strategic announcements at CPX 360 2022, the most important cyber security event of the year. Join us live or view the playback. You can also review the full agenda here.

Peter Alexander, CMO Check Point