Once Again, Check Point Software Positions as a Leader across Multiple G2 Leadership Quadrants

By Amit Sharon, Head of Customer Experience, Check Point Software

Check Point Software customers from large enterprises to SMBs have lots of praises for their Check Point security solutions. See what they’re saying on G2.

G2 recently posted its Spring 2022 Grid Reports, and once again, we find ourselves positioned in the Leaders quadrant. This time however, it’s across 12 categories. Our customers’ feedback has elevated us to leadership positions in Next Generation Firewall, Endpoint Protection, multiple cloud security and mobile data security categories.

Next Generation Firewall

Based on Check Point Infinity Architecture, Check Point Next Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) are trusted by companies of all sizes for the highest level of threat prevention against both known and unknown cyber threats. Customers are praising Check Point Quantum security gateways for their high performance, scalability and unified security management capabilities. A network service manager says “Check Point delivers world-class threat prevention. My favorite feature is the rapid delivery of Threat Prevention updates, ensuring our gateways remain up to date and secure at all times.”

Unified management simplifies every aspect of managing network security. Whether physical appliances, virtual appliances, or cloud firewall-as-a-service deployments, Check Point integration and automation capabilities save time and reduce management costs. An IT engineer commented that “Check Point provides multi-layer security from endpoint to cloud with greater visibility. The Check Point management console is a one-stop-shop for policy, real time monitoring, reporting, updates and licensing.”

Many customers praise the Check Point security management platform for its rich capabilities and ease of use. As an enterprise IT Manager said, it delivers “great visibility into your network footprint. The Smart Console provides a single pane of glass that allows the IT staff to manage the environment and troubleshoot issues quickly. The interface decreases the hours required to complete a task. The team can construct a single policy across all enforcement points in the Infinity architecture. Check Point also incorporates compliance and audit control validation into the system.”

Cloud Email Security

Check Point’s acquisition, Avanan, holds a decisive leadership position in G2 Cloud Email Security category. Whether Microsoft Office 365 or G Suite email environments, customers love the exceptional protection against phishing and spam, ease of deployment, reliability and great support.

Endpoint Protection Platforms

In this highly competitive category, Check Point customers single out Check Point Harmony Endpoint for its comprehensive range of powerful security features and easy-to-use cloud-based management. In particular, customers called out the zero phishing and credential protection they gained as being game-changers.

Cloud Data Security Software

Check Point CloudGuard Network Security and CloudGuard Posture Management consistently rank in the Leader quadrants across G2 cloud security categories. In the Cloud Data Security Software category, Check Point Harmony Email & Office joins in the list. Customers using public, private, and hybrid clouds, are securing assets stored using cloud services and in cloud-based applications. Many customers comment on how easy these solutions are to use and deploy—in addition to the superb security and peace of mind they achieve.

Cloud Workload Protection Platforms

Once again, CloudGuard Network Security and CloudGuard Posture Management rank in the Leaders quadrant. Customers rely on these solutions to protect servers, cloud infrastructure and virtual machines (VMs) from web-based threats. Seamless integration, automation, and consistent management and policy between clouds and cloud/premises environments are customers’ favorite features.

Cloud Compliance

With support for all aspects of cloud infrastructure, CloudGuard Network Security and CloudGuard Posture Management score again in this category. Many customers comment on rich features that enable them to easily monitor ongoing compliance with security frameworks and best practices. In addition, they gain complete, unified control of security across infrastructure deployed in different clouds.


Cloud Content Collaboration

CloudGuard Posture Management entered the Leader quadrant of this very crowded category for the first time. With outstanding ruleset definitions that can run in any cloud and unmatched visibility, customers comment that the solution dramatically simplifies many aspects of managing cloud security.

Mobile Data Security Software

Check Point Harmony Mobile anchors the G2 Leaders quadrant. Its URL filtering, app security, and reporting capabilities earned high praise for delivering visibility into mobile security and risk associated with applications.


Network Security Policy Management (NSPM) Software

Once again, Check Point Infinity Architecture earned a leadership position in the G2 NSPM category. Customers appreciate the fact that it protects everything—networks, clouds, endpoints—and that its innovative AI capabilities deliver an edge in identifying new threats.


Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS)

Check Point Infinity and Check Point IPS rank among leaders in G2’s IDPS category. Check Point IPS earned five stars from customers for everything from easy setup and cost effectiveness to its zero-trust policy, automatic updates and superb threat intelligence.

Antivirus Software

Both Check Point Antivirus and Check Point Harmony Endpoint Protection are positioned in the Leader quadrant in this category. Check Point Antivirus uses real-time virus signatures and anomaly-based protections from ThreatCloud’s extensive threat intelligence to proactively stop threats and manage security services for rapid incident response and fast attack resolution. Check Point Harmony Endpoint includes industry-leading antivirus protection among its comprehensive endpoint security features.


Virtual Private Network (VPN) Software

Check Point IPSec VPN and Check Point Harmony Connect rank in the Leader quadrant in this G2 category. From securing connections with work-from-home environments to securely connecting remote branches and SD-WAN integrations, customers complimented the products’ flexibility, ease of use, and central policy management.


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