Cybersecurity for banks – Enabling secure SD-WAN connectivity for branches

By Alon Bar, Product Marketing Manager

Connecting branches directly to the cloud can significantly increase the risk of attack via malicious files, malware, zero-day, bots, viruses, APTs, and more.

To mitigate these risks, many banks seek to gradually enable their branches with SD-WAN connectivity to the internet and cloud to ensure enhanced security.

This blog will present a real-life use case of a European investment firm, their challenges, and the solution they leveraged to overcome the challenge and boost their security posture.

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Customer story: European investment firm connects dozens of branches with SD-WAN without compromising security

The European investment firm selected Quantum Edge, Check Point’s on-premise virtual security

gateway for high performance and privacy, which is deployed on the VeloCloud appliance. With this

solution, the firm secures its connected facilities with top-rated threat prevention, having executed a simple deployment, and thereafter leveraging ongoing simplified management.

Virtual security gateway deployed on VeloCloud

Top-rated threat prevention

  • Incoming and outgoing connections secured with Firewall, URL Filtering, IPS, Anti-Bot, Antivirus, Threat Emulation
  • Up to 1 Gbps threat prevention

Simple to deploy & manage

  • Easy high availability deployment with Velocloud SD-WAN
  • Unified cloud-based management (Smart1)

Deploy in minutes with SD-WAN partners

  • Cisco, Velocloud, Versa, Aryaka, Oracle, Citrix, etc.

Banks can also bolster SD-WAN connectivity protection with the Check Point Harmony Connect Firewall-as-a-service (FWaaS) solution, which:

  • Protects branch-to-internet connections
  • Assures consistent security
  • Enables a fast setup
  • Offers fully tested integrations with leading SD-WAN offerings

Firewall-as-a-service (FWaaS)

Protect branch to internet connections

  • Prevent the most evasive cyber attacks with a full cloud-delivered security stack

Consistent Security & fast setup

  • Consistent security across 1000’s of branches, 5 mins setup with advanced automation

Fully Tested Integrations

  • Fully tested integrations with SD-WAN leaders

Solution for securing remote branches from the cloud or on-premises

Check Point Software solutions assure secure SD-WAN connections to the internet and cloud to protect the bank’s remote branch offices from every threat. With Check Point Quantum Edge, connected bank facilities on-premises are secured with top-rated threat prevention. Check Point Harmony connect provides simple integration with any SD-WAN platform to secure connectivity through a powerful cloud service, deployed and managed by Check Point.

Check Point Quantum Security GWs will be extended to include full SD-WAN functionality during 2022 natively, with the following capabilities in mind:

  • Rich SD-WAN capabilities – to optimize your WAN performance by constantly steering the traffic to the best path automatically
  • Uncompromising security and performance – Security is essential for any SD-WAN deployment; therefore, we are delivering the best industry’s threat prevention capabilities together with high performance for your WAN infrastructure
  • Unmatched simplicity and management, so it will be easy to configure and deploy at scale

Watch the Cybersecurity for Banks webinar on-demand.

In conclusion

Check Point enables banks to provide advanced digital services to their customers with the highest level of security to their network, cloud, users, and access, with Check Point Quantum, CloudGuard, Harmony, and Infinity products.

By adopting a consolidated security approach with the Check Point Infinity architecture and services, banks gain preemptive protection against advanced fifth-generation attacks while achieving a 50% increase in operational efficiency and a 20% reduction in security costs.

Check Point’s broad cybersecurity offering of solutions and services has enabled 6,500 financial institutions around the world to overcome their toughest challenges today.

To learn more about how Check Point is helping banks deliver superior digital experiences while assuring security and compliance, we invite you to watch the webinar on-demand and contact us.

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