Azure Gateway Load Balancer is now available—and Check Point supports it today!

By: Paul Ardoin, Manager, Cloud Security Partner Marketing

Previously, Check Point announced that our CloudGuard line of offerings was a launch partner of Azure Gateway Load Balancer—and the launch is now live!

On July 14, 2022, Microsoft announced the general availability of Gateway Load Balancer in all regions and CloudGuard is ready. This is great news for Azure customers who can simplify and improve the design of their Azure deployments—and easily enhance the security of those deployments with CloudGuard Network Security.

Designing security in the cloud from the beginning

Check Point recommends building security into your cloud architecture before deploying resources. A far superior option rather than applying security after cloud deployment, incorporating security first is one way to ensure security issues are discovered earlier in the process—and before going live. Not only does this lower the risk to the organization, it costs less to fix or mitigate any issues if the system isn’t deployed yet.

The advantages of Azure Gateway Load Balancer and CloudGuard

As a launch partner for Azure Gateway Load Balancer, Check Point and Microsoft teams have been working closely on this integration. Gateway Load Balancer enables high performance and high availability scenarios for a network virtual appliance (NVA) like a next generation firewall or security gateway. It allows Azure customers to deploy, scale, and manage NVAs quickly and easily. CloudGuard Network Security enhances the security of this traffic by providing advanced threat prevention and many other services to the traffic going into and out of Gateway Load Balancer. (For details on the simplified architecture enabled by Gateway Load Balancer and CloudGuard, see the previous Check Point blogpost on Gateway Load Balancer.)

Next steps

  • For a demo of CloudGuard Network Security using Azure Gateway Load Balancer, click here.
  • You can read the administration guide for using Load Balancer with CloudGuard Network Security here.

Come see the Check Point virtual booth at Microsoft Inspire

Microsoft and Check Point have been partners for over 20 years: Check Point is a founding member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), and our partnership encompasses sales, marketing and technical integration, which is part of what enables our joint customers to have the confidence to adopt and consume more Azure cloud services safely and securely.

If you’d like to learn more about CloudGuard Network Security and Gateway Load Balancer, please speak with your Check Point account manager or contact us.