IDC Survey Shows 70% Experienced Attack: How Secure is your Hybrid Data Center?

5-minute Data Center Security Assessment for data center, network, cloud, apps

Cyber attacks are become more sophisticated and more frequent. Every enterprise data center is vulnerable. An IDC survey of nearly 500 enterprises showed that over 70% experienced at least one major security breach of their on-premises data centers with the majority experiencing two or more major breaches.  The cloud was even more susceptible to breaches with 75% reporting major breaches in their cloud IaaS environments.  

For most enterprises, the data centers hold their most critical data including their intellectual property, customer data, and employee information. But data loss is only one of the risks. Even a single ransomware attack can quickly shut down operations for weeks.

Oftentimes, these cyber attacks come from highly sophisticated and well-organized criminal groups and nation states.
Modern data centers need to be agile to deal with a constantly changing IT environment including:

  • Distributed SaaS applications
  • Migration to multi-cloud environments (adding even more complexity)
  • Integrate security into the DevOps workflow
  • AI and Deep Learning to deal with multi-vector and highly evasive attacks
  • A vast remote workforce (huge increase in VPN connections, shift in traffic patterns)
  • Growth in network traffic and much larger file sizes (multi-100 GB and terabyte back-ups and VM migrations)
  • The need for automation to scale performance across the data center, network and cloud.
  • Shortage of security talent means doing more with fewer resources

All of the changes result in new security vulnerabilities that need to be identified and resolved before hackers can take advantage.

When is the last time you assessed the security of your data center, network and cloud?  

Has your security posture evolved to keep up with all these changes?

Check Point created a free 5-minute hybrid data center security assessment for CISOs, security engineers, and architects.   By answering 10 quick questions, the security assessment provides a risk score, and outlines your top vulnerabilities with recommendations on how to resolve them.

Just like ‘Driving Safety’, many cyber security risks can be identified through common-sense questions. Obviously, this does not replace a comprehensive security posture assessment that can require weeks of project planning and technical penetration testing by certified professionals.

In the meantime, get started on your way to better security with the
Hybrid Data Center Security assessment.