Available Now: Check Point Quantum SD-WAN delivers the Best Security with Optimized Connectivity

Check Point is proud to announce Quantum SD-WAN, a new software blade available in Quantum Gateways that unifies the best network security with optimized internet and network connectivity.

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Trying to balance fast connections with effective security? Thanks to Quantum SD-WAN, you can leave that circus stunt behind.

Your offices and remote sites need seamless internet connections, and they need it now. And while SD-WAN solutions take care of speed, you’re not sure your branch is protected against the latest threats.

It is for this very reason that we’ve built Quantum SD-WAN, which lets you optimize internet and network connectivity without compromising on security.

Here are three reasons to consider Quantum SD-WAN for your next SD-WAN deployment, be it for a new, consolidated or refreshed implementation.

Comprehensive Protection Against All Branch Threats

Quantum SD-WAN takes a prevention-first approach to branch connectivity:

  • It provides comprehensive prevention against known and zero-day attacks, phishing, DNS and ransomware attacks. In the 2023 Miercom NGFW Benchmark Report, Check Point achieved the highest ranking with a 99.7% of new malware block rate as compared to a 54.1% block rate for tested competitors, as well as a 99.9% phishing prevention rate with near-zero false positives (0.1%).
  • Extending its prevention-first strategy to multi-vector attacks, also known as 5th generation threats, Quantum SD-WAN is integrated with Quantum Spark and Quantum Gateways so you get a full enterprise-grade security stack at the branch level, that spans advanced threat prevention, data protection and zero trust access control across all connections (to the cloud, web and private apps and networks).
  • Attesting to the importance of security in an SD-WAN deployment, early customers of Quantum SD-WAN replaced their incumbent SD-WAN solution from established SD-WAN vendors to ensure they were getting the best protection available for their branches. From a European textile manufacturer with distributed operations, to a LATAM-based local government body with multiple branches, to a national utility company in the middle east, organizations are making security a top priority in their SD-WAN deployments.

No More Zoom Interruptions thanks to rich SD-WAN capabilities

With so many business and non-business applications competing for bandwidth, your SD-WAN needs to prioritize applications intelligently, so that latency-sensitive services get through first. Quantum SD-WAN optimizes routing per business use case, for users and over 10,000 applications, so the correct services are given ‘right of way’ before others. With a built-in steering policy that automatically identifies the type of application being accessed, apps like Zoom™ and Teams™ are automatically prioritized alongside remote help desk connections and VoIP. Whereas file sharing sites and collaboration tools are second in line.

To ensure uninterrupted web conferencing, the solution monitors internet connectivity for latency, jitter, and packet loss, performing sub-second failover for unstable connections. That way, links are swapped from one provider to another in a blink of an eye, whether you’re connecting your branch over broadband, wireless, MPLS or a combination of all three.

A Complete SASE solution

Managed from the Check Point Infinity cloud platform, Quantum SD-WAN and Harmony Connect (SSE) combine to deliver a complete security and internet access solution (SASE). This way, you can ensure consistent protection and connectivity across users and branch offices with unified logs and simplified administration.

Discover Quantum SD-WAN

With Quantum SD-WAN, you can optimize internet and network connectivity, without sacrificing security. Available now at a simple, monthly price, Quantum SD-WAN supports appliances of all sizes, from small branch offices to datacenter gateways.

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