GigaOm Recognizes CloudGuard AppSec as a Leader in Innovation and Feature Play in its 2023 Radar Report for Application and API Security

CloudGuard AppSec, Check Point’s next gen WAAP solution, is distinguished for its patented Preemptive AI that blocks sophisticated zero-day attacks and it’s robust and comprehensive feature set.

In today’s hyper-connected world, enterprise applications are readily available and connected to the cloud, putting sensitive information and critical services at risk for potential security breaches. The need for a comprehensive security web application and API solution has never been greater as the rate of global cyberattacks have risen by 38% in 2022

GigaOm’s report offers an in-depth overview of vendors in the application and API security space, rating the solutions based on how and where they protect applications.

Source: GigaOm 2023

Some background:
Check Point CloudGuard AppSec is part of Check Point’s CNAPP Platform, and provides precise preemptive prevention against the most sophisticated zero-day attacks. Organizations web applications remain protected as security automatically and instantly updates, without the need for human intervention. 

Unlike traditional WAF vendors, CloudGuard AppSec is not signature or rule based, instead, it uses machine learning and AI algorithms to identify and block potential attacks before they can exploit vulnerabilities. This approach is more effective in detecting zero-day attacks as it can identify attack patterns and anomalies that traditional WAFs will most likely miss. This approach is critical in today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape, where attackers are constantly developing new techniques to bypass traditional security measures. With its innovative approach to application security, CloudGuard AppSec provides organizations with a reliable and effective defense against zero-day attacks and other emerging threats.

CloudGuard AppSec has an impeccable track record, being the only WAAP solution to preemptively block zero-day attacks such as Log4j, Spring4Shell and other major attacks, which caused widespread damage to countless organizations. Log4j was a critical security flaw that allowed attackers to execute arbitrary code on vulnerable systems, which resulted in massive data breaches, ransomware attacks, and other malicious activities. In recent years, Log4j has affected several organizations, including the likes of Oracle, Microsoft, and Amazon. For example, Cisco: In December 2021, Cisco announced that several of its products were vulnerable to Log4j attacks. The company issued patches for the affected products and advised customers to apply them immediately to avoid potential exploitation of the vulnerabilities.

As mentioned in GigaOm’s report, the solution is also uniquely available as an open-source project called open-appsec.

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GigaOm’s Findings:
According to GigaOm, Check Point’s strength lies in its expansive cloud security offering that merges existing security tooling with newer, innovative AI/ML functionality.

GigaOm analyst Don MacVittie states in his report:
“Check Point’s willingness to embrace the future without abandoning the past is its greatest strength. Organizations with experience in traditional security tooling will find it available in the Check Point solution, alongside modern AI-powered solutions to reduce operational overhead.”

The Report indicates that CloudGuard AppSec is a ”fast mover” leading in innovation and feature play and emphasizes that one of the major strengths of Check Point’s CloudGuard AppSec is its unique AI-powered technology which preemptively blocks zero-day attacks. 

The report points out that Check Point has also made sure not to abandon traditional security tooling. For example, AppSec still includes tools like Snort, which means that security professionals can easily move over to the solution “without having to relearn their jobs from scratch.”

“Check Point has moved fully into the world of modern security monitoring, so users have access to tool sets for both today and tomorrow.

GigaOm found CloudGuard AppSec to be a robust and comprehensive solution that will meet the needs of modern organizations. The report further states that with three different options available – CloudGuard AppSec, CloudGuard Network Security as a Service (NSaaS) and open-appsec – the solution is designed to meet users where their applications are hosted and deployed, providing flexibility in terms of architecture, execution and pricing.

“We also like the comprehensive simplicity of the solution, where one of three services—open source, local, or as a service—will meet most customer’s needs regardless of architecture.” 

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“We are proud to be recognized as a security leader in a crowded market,” said Oded Gonda, VP Technology & Innovation at Check Point Software Technologies. “We are constantly innovating to ensure that our customers have the best, prevention-first security. GigaOm’s leadership recognition validates our strategy, which is using Machine Learning to pre-emptively protect our customers against attacks. Preemptive protection against cyber-attacks is critical because these vulnerabilities may have been known by bad actors before publication and because it naturally takes time for everyone to fix them, also known as “vulnerability window”. These windows can sometimes be as long as months or even years.”


In 2023, application security is more critical than ever before. According to a recent report by IBM, the average cost of a data breach is now $4.24 million globally and $9.44 million within the US. Furthermore, the same report states that in 2022, it took an average of 277 days—about 9 months—to identify and contain a breach. These figures are staggering and demonstrate the importance of having robust and preemptive application security solutions in place. As the use of cloud applications continues to grow, the number of potential attack vectors also increases, making application security an essential aspect of any organization’s security posture. CloudGuard AppSec’s ability to preemptively block zero-day attacks makes it an excellent solution for organizations looking to enhance their application security. 

Read the 2023 GigaOm 2023 Radar report for Application and API Protection to learn why we believe Check Point continues to deliver vision, innovation and leadership to future-proof your business. 

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