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Blog Post December 23, 2021

Log4j vulnerability Protection for Endpoints

By Noa Goldstein, Product Marketing Manager, Shlomi Gvili, Senior Product Manager and Gal Carmeli, Harmony Endpoint R&D Group Manager. Learn how Harmony Endpoint prevents log4j related attacks and accelerate detection and investigation of breaches. On…

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Blog Post December 13, 2021

Log4j Vulnerability and Cloud Guard AppSec Machine Learning
based Approach for Preemptive Prevention

To get immediate support from our incident response team on Log4j CLICK HERE 30 Days Free AppSec & Free Lifetime Protection Against Log4j Exploits GET IT NOW Initially published: Tuesday, December 14, 2021 at 02:45…

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How Check Point Infinity Protects Customers from the Log4j Vulnerability

To get immediate support from our incident response team on Log4j CLICK HERE 30 Days Free AppSec & Free Lifetime Protection Against Log4j Exploits GET IT NOW On December 9th, an acute remote code execution…

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Blog Post February 8, 2021

Of Kittens and Princes: the latest updates on two Iranian espionage operations

Cyber-warfare and espionage have long been common weapons in the arsenal of governments, armies, and intelligence agencies around the world. The Islamic Republic of Iran is no exception to this trend. With new discoveries made…

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Blog Post June 26, 2019

Security Flaws in Electronic Arts’s Origin Platform

Today’s kids and kids-at-heart are arguably more addicted to computer games than ever before, and some of the most popular are sports themed. But for cyber criminals the only sport they are addicted to is…

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Blog Post June 19, 2019

Check Point’s Threat Emulation Stops Large-Scale Phishing Campaign in Germany

Research by: Kobi Eisenkraft, Moshe Hayun, published June 19th 2019   Introduction   During the first week of June 2019, Check Point researchers encountered a new, large-scale phishing campaign targeting German companies across all industries.…

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Blog Post June 18, 2019

Introducing Malware DNA: Gaining Deep Insights into Malware Ancestry

A single drop of blood contains billions of strands of DNA, carrying genetic instructions for the development, functioning, growth, and reproduction of all known organisms. DNA holds the building blocks of life.   Similarly, the lines of malware code make…

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Blog Post June 12, 2019

How Well Does CloudGuard IaaS Support Azure Security?

By Jonathan Maresky, Product Marketing Manager, Cloudguard IaaS, published June 12th, 2019   Check Point CloudGuard IaaS provides support for Microsoft Azure and hybrid cloud deployments, and thereby improves Azure security. This isn’t surprising, considering…

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Blog Post June 4, 2019

X by Orange Guarantees Cloud Security for Clients with Check Point CloudGuard

By Moti Sagey, Head of Strategic Marketing, Check Point   Moti Sagey is the Head of Strategic Marketing & Intelligence at Check Point Software.  Moti is responsible for strategically transforming intelligence and information into a…

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Blog Post May 29, 2019

Healthcare Breaches Affected Nearly One Million US Patients: The Security Risks of Medical IoT

Over the month of March, nearly one million people in the United States had their medical files exposed in data breaches, according to HIPAA Journal. And after a ransomware attack forced a medical center in Michigan to…

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