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Blog Post April 11, 2019

Protect Your Business by Managing Network Security from the Palm of Your Hand

by Russ Schafer, Head of Product Marketing, Security Platforms, published April 11th 2019     Next generation cyber security attacks can happen at any time to any size business, so you need to be prepared…

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Blog Post April 9, 2019

March 2019’s Most Wanted Malware: Cryptomining Still Dominates Despite Coinhive Closure

Check Point’s latest Global Threat Index sees cryptominers continuing to lead the top malware list despite Coinhive ceasing operation   By Check Point’s Threat Intelligence Team, published April 9th 2019   In March 2019, Coinhive…

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Blog Post April 8, 2019

Check Point ZoneAlarm Extreme Security earns Best+++ Award from AVLab Test

By Lloyd Tanaka, Product Marketing Manager, Threat Prevention, April 8th 2019   In February of this year, AVLab performed comprehensive tests to determine which of 27 Windows 10 security solutions could best defend against a…

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Android April 4, 2019

Xiaomi Vulnerability: When Security Is Not What it Seems

Smartphones usually come with pre-installed apps, some of which are useful and some that never get used at all. What a user does not expect, however, is for a preinstalled app to be an actual…

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Blog Post April 3, 2019

Momo Challenge: A scary hoax with a stern warning

By Lloyd Tanaka, Product Marketing Manager, April 3rd 2019   The Momo Challenge, a purported suicide game targeting children on Facebook or YouTube, reared its ugly head, yet again. This urban legend sent chills to…

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Blog Post March 29, 2019

Xero Transforms Their Security Culture With CloudGuard IaaS

by Moti Sagey, March 25th 2019   As businesses continue to move their workflow into the cloud, the need for multi-layered protection is critical. The dynamic nature of cloud infrastructure introduces a variety of new…

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Blog Post March 19, 2019

Check Point Forensic Files: A New Monero CryptoMiner Campaign

By Marcel Afrahim and Charles Bettan, Endpoint Security Researchers, March 19th 2019 Sand Blast Agent Forensics team have noticed a new variant of the Monero mining malware spreading throughout organizations worldwide. Interestingly, this malware showed…

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Blog Post March 13, 2019

Mobile Supply Chain Attacks Are More Than Just an Annoyance

By Richard Clayton, Check Point Research Marketing   Mark Twain once wrote there are few things harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good example. He would have had a hard time…

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Blog Post March 11, 2019

February 2019’s Most Wanted Malware: Coinhive Quits While Still at the Top

By Check Point’s Threat Intelligence team, published March 11th   In February 2019, Coinhive led the global threat index for the 15th successive month, having announced that it will cease operation on the 8th March…

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Blog Post March 7, 2019

UltraHack: The Security Risks of Medical IoT

IoT devices make our lives easier. Smart home technology, for example, can help users improve energy efficiency by enabling them to turn appliances on and off with the tap of a touchscreen. Likewise, organizations across…

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