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Cloud Security October 21, 2020

Cloud-sourcing: Using Global Threat Intelligence to Instantly Protect Your Cloud Assets

By Jonathan Maresky, CloudGuard Product Marketing Manager, published October 21, 2020   When it comes to security in the cloud, companies face constant, daily threats. This situation has only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. In…

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Cloud Security October 19, 2020

Cloud Threat Hunting: Attack & Investigation Series- Privilege Escalation via Lambda

Author: Maya Levine, Technical Marketing Engineer Cloud breaches are becoming increasingly prevalent in this modern digital era. One of the more dangerous strategies attackers deploy during a cloud breach is Privilege escalation. They use this…

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Cloud Security October 13, 2020

Secure Your Containers Like Your Apps Depend On It

By, Yaffa Finkelstein, Product Marketing Manager Security professionals are all too aware that their container environments are enormous. Assessing its true scale is virtually impossible. On top of this, there are multiple DevOps teams deploying…

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Cloud Security October 8, 2020

Enhancing Serverless Security with Check Point CloudGuard and AWS Lambda Extensions

By, Hillel Solow, Serverless Security R&D With no compute, VM, container, or network, serverless computing offers the ultimate reduction in security attack surface. With the recent release of the AWS Lambda Extensions, organizations are closer…

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Cloud Security October 1, 2020

A Preview into the Secure Cloud Summit

By, Trisha Paine, Head of Cloud Product Marketing and Programs Cloud adoption was growing at historical rates coming into 2020, and then, in March, cloud adoption accelerated faster than anyone would have thought. Gartner predicted…

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Cloud Security September 28, 2020

Cloud Security: 12 Myths vs Facts

By, Gui Alvarenga, Cloud Security Product Marketing As cloud technology expands in both worldwide use and the complexity of offerings, some myths persist. At Check Point, we put our heads together and created the following…

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Cloud Security September 22, 2020

The Trend Toward Serverless: What, Why, and How?

Serverless has been taking the web development world by storm. Many developers opt to pursue serverless functions in new application architectures where a microservice approach would support more traditional containerization. Serverless, however, is still a…

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Cloud Security September 17, 2020

Focus on Microsoft Ignite: What Check Point’s Azure Integrations Mean for the Future of Enterprise Business

By Paul Ardoin, Cloud Alliance Marketing Manager, published September 17, 2020 Check Point is no stranger to shaping the future of security—from our inception, our breakthrough technologies have been disrupting the industry. Check Point was…

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Cloud Security September 16, 2020

Cloud Threat Hunting: Attack & Investigation Series- Breach of Major Financial Institution

By,  Maya Levine, Technical Marketing Engineer Probably the most infamous breach of this past year against a major financial institution did not utilize the most advanced hacking techniques. In fact, it all boiled down to…

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Cloud Security September 10, 2020

CloudGuard Intelligence & Threat Hunting

Transform your Logs into Actionable Security Logic By, CloudGuard Research team Many companies shifting to the cloud still rely on traditional SIEM solutions and analytics tools to understand cloud logs, activities, and threats. However, analyzing…

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