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Cloud Security August 20, 2019

To Bot or not to Bot your PCI Compliance

By Marina Segal and Aditya Gupta – Product Management CloudGuard Dome9   Building cloud environments and systems that need to be compliant with PCI requirements is a common task for many companies. PCI compliance is…

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Cloud Security August 14, 2019

A Guide to CloudGuard IaaS Offerings in the AWS Marketplace

By Jonathan Maresky, Product Marketing Manager, Cloudguard IaaS, published August 14, 2019   Check Point CloudGuard IaaS for AWS delivers advanced, multi-layered cloud network security and protects cloud assets in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and…

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Blog Post June 12, 2019

How Well Does CloudGuard IaaS Support Azure Security?

By Jonathan Maresky, Product Marketing Manager, Cloudguard IaaS, published June 12th, 2019   Check Point CloudGuard IaaS provides support for Microsoft Azure and hybrid cloud deployments, and thereby improves Azure security. This isn’t surprising, considering…

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Blog Post June 4, 2019

X by Orange Guarantees Cloud Security for Clients with Check Point CloudGuard

By Moti Sagey, Head of Strategic Marketing, Check Point   Moti Sagey is the Head of Strategic Marketing & Intelligence at Check Point Software.  Moti is responsible for strategically transforming intelligence and information into a…

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Blog Post May 22, 2019

CloudGuard IaaS Supports Kubernetes and Container Security

By Amir Kaushansky, Product Manager, Cloudguard IaaS, published May 22nd, 2019   Almost 9000 people attended Check Point’s CPX 360 events in Bangkok, Las Vegas and Vienna earlier this year where we shared security best…

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Blog Post May 8, 2019

Private Cloud Security: CloudGuard IaaS supports VMware’s new NSX-T 2.4 release

Published by Jonathan Maresky, Product Marketing Manager, Cloudguard IaaS, May 8th, 2019   VMware has been taking real action to back up CEO Pat Gelsinger’s assertion that hybrid-cloud is the new norm, most recently through…

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Blog Post April 11, 2019

Protect Your Business by Managing Network Security from the Palm of Your Hand

by Russ Schafer, Head of Product Marketing, Security Platforms, published April 11th 2019     Next generation cyber security attacks can happen at any time to any size business, so you need to be prepared…

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Cloud April 5, 2019

Secure your Serverless Infrastructure with CloudGuard Dome9

By Marina Segal, Product Manager, Cloudguard Dome9, published April 5th, 2019   In a previous blog, we had discussed how serverless security requires a security-centric approach. To recap, serverless security requires a holistic approach, where…

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Blog Post March 29, 2019

Xero Transforms Their Security Culture With CloudGuard IaaS

by Moti Sagey, March 25th 2019   As businesses continue to move their workflow into the cloud, the need for multi-layered protection is critical. The dynamic nature of cloud infrastructure introduces a variety of new…

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Blog Post February 28, 2019

Unleash the Power of Cloud Security – 300% Performance Improvement with CloudGuard IaaS

By Amir Kaushansky, Sr. Product Manager, Cloud Security   We all want a higher network performance. We all want a better price-performance ratio, and we all want all of it for free.   As desirable…

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