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Cloud Security May 6, 2022

The complete guide to SSH keys in GitLab

By Dotan Nahum April 20, 2022 No one wants to send their precious information over unencrypted channels. This is why most websites and web services use HTTPS to encrypt data by default. When it comes…

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Cloud Security

Secure Your Migration to AWS, Part I: The Challenges

By Mark Brindley, Head of Cloud Alliance The cloud provides the infrastructure backbone for most enterprises, as well as the delivery of mission-critical applications. In the last decade, the cloud has become scalable, flexible, reliable,…

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Cloud Security May 5, 2022

The Age of Zero-day Java Vulnerabilities

Spring4Shell, Log4j and a few good tips for staying secure By Idan Sofer May 5th, 2022 Well it is now safe to say that the season of Java vulnerability exploits is upon us. In the…

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Cloud Security April 22, 2022

GitLab vs GitHub: Which is right for you?

By Dotan Nahum It is safe to say that most code in the world resides on either GitLab or GitHub. Which makes perfect sense in a cloud-based, OSS-dependent world. Without them, OSS and collaborative software…

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Cloud Security April 18, 2022

The Biggest Cloud Security Challenges in 2022 | Check Point Software

Cloud Adoption Grown Rapidly Cloud adoption has grown rapidly in recent years. While many organizations were already moving to the cloud, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this transition. With the normalization of remote work, companies needed…

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Cloud Security April 8, 2022

Code Review Checklist: 8 steps to improved productivity

By Dotan Nahum Code review is the best way to maintain a high level of code quality. The code review acts not only as a gatekeeper for bad code but also as an incentive for…

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Cloud Security April 6, 2022

Day-1 Protection against Java Spring Framework Vulnerability with Check Point CloudGuard Workload Security Container Runtime Protection

As mentioned in the previous Check Point blog regarding Check Point CloudGuard AppSec’s preemptive protection against Spring4Shell cyber-attacks, several vulnerabilities have been identified affecting the popular Java Spring Framework and related software components. So, we got you…

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Cloud Security April 4, 2022

Once Again, Check Point Software Positions as a Leader across Multiple G2 Leadership Quadrants

By Amit Sharon, Head of Customer Experience, Check Point Software Check Point Software customers from large enterprises to SMBs have lots of praises for their Check Point security solutions. See what they’re saying on G2.…

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Cloud Security March 31, 2022

Spring4Shell Zero-Day Vulnerability

Vulnerability Discovered in Java Spring Framework. Check Point Customers using CloudGuard AppSec preemptive protection are fully protected from Spring4Shell Attacks About the Spring4Shell The Spring Framework is a programming and configuration model providing infrastructure support…

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Cloud Security March 18, 2022

Top 9 Git Secret Scanning Tools for DevSecOps

By Dotan Nahum Part of the Spectral API Security Series Collaboration is key. Not only in software development. But when it comes to collaboration on Git repositories, the word “key” takes on a whole new meaning. Whether…

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