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Cloud Security March 27, 2020

Public Cloud – 4 Subtle Differences with Significant Security Concerns

By Grant Asplund, Cloud Evangelist Do you know what percentage of enterprises surveyed are either very concerned or extremely concerned about security in the cloud? Considering Gartner is predicting Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) CAGR…

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Cloud Security March 23, 2020

How Your Attack Surface is Reduced, Moving to Serverless

Serverless is a new approach to application architecture and deployment. Security becomes both easier and harder, and it is nuanced. In this post, we will go over: what got better, what got more challenging, and…

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Cloud Security March 18, 2020

AWS Lambda Stateless & Ephemeral?

By, Hillel Solow, Serverless Security R&D With AWS Lambda, the stateless and ephemeral nature of serverless functions shifts the way attackers approach these systems. Some of the key ramifications of this shift are: The move…

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Cloud Security March 16, 2020

Improvements of CloudGuard IaaS in the latest release of R80.40 Unified Security

By Hezi Bahry, Product Manager, CloudGuard IaaS, published March 16, 2020 At Check Point we continually improve our products with new features and functionality. Some of these improvements are as a result of customer requests.…

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Cloud Security March 9, 2020

Serverless Architecture = What Cloud Should Be

By Hillel Solow, Serverless Security R&D Serverless enables you to shift even more infrastructure management responsibilities to your cloud provider. Serverless architectures provide you automation and the benefit of experiencing unlimited scale potential. Very little…

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Cloud Security March 4, 2020

Embracing the Benefits and Challenges of Digital Transformation

By Gui Alvareng, Product Marketing Manager, published March 4th, 2020 Digital transformation and technology trends have shaped how we live, communicate, and do business.  Organizations are becoming more agile, embracing technologies like artificial intelligence (AI),…

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Cloud Security January 22, 2020

The Challenge of Compliance in the Cloud

By Trisha Paine, Head of Cloud Marketing Programs, published January 22 2020 Compliance programs are designed to address perceived threats or risks to an industry or community. Typically, an industry authority (e.g., government or industry…

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Cloud Security January 17, 2020

Cloud Native Security: What it Means

By Hillel Solow, Serverless Security R&D, published January 17, 2020 What are Cloud Native Applications? Cloud-native applications are built purposefully for deployment and operation in a cloud environment. They consist of small, independent microservices, such…

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Cloud Security

Achieving Continuous Compliance at the Speed of Cloud

By Grant Asplund, Cloud Evangelist, published January 17, 2020 Imagine you’re in a small boat. You’re out in the middle of a pond and you have to keep your boat in precisely the same place,…

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Cloud Security January 3, 2020

Your Apps Have Gone Serverless. Has Your Security?

By Hillel Solow, Serverless Security R&D, published January 3, 2020 Whether walking around re:Invent earlier last month or sitting in the sessions, one thing was clear; serverless is here to stay. It is no wonder…

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