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Cloud Security February 3, 2023

Learn More About Check Point’s Prevention-First CNAPP

By Geert De Ron – Cloud Security Architect, published February 3, 2023 Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPP) have become essential tools for organizations to secure their cloud environments. In this article we will cover why…

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Cloud Security January 31, 2023

11 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Application Security Vendor

By: Diana Polansky, Cloud Security Product Marketing Manager, and Sergio Silva, Product Incubation Manager When we started to plan our goals for the new year, we took the time to think about your goals as…

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Cloud Security January 13, 2023

Are you National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-53 compliant?

By Amardip Deshpande – CloudGuard, Research Team, published January 13, 2023 Although we’re in the cloud age and almost all companies have their workloads in the cloud and are aware of how cyber-attacks and cyber-crimes…

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Cloud Security December 23, 2022

Check Point Enhances AWS Security with Cross-AZ Cluster Support

By Jeff Engel, Technical Marketing Engineer for Cloud Security, published December 19, 2022 Most organizations want to provide the best service for customers and users. It gives businesses a competitive edge and is often a…

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Cloud Security December 21, 2022

CIS Azure Foundations Benchmark. Armor for your data on Azure

By Ojashwi Chaturvedi – CloudGuard, Research Team, published December 19, 2022 In today’s world, when everything is going digital, cloud misconfigurations and cyber attacks are a constant concern for organizations where security is of utmost…

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Cloud Security December 12, 2022

Check Point CloudGuard AppSec is the only product known to pre-emptively block Claroty WAF bypass

By Oded Gonda, VP Technology and Innovation, Check Point Claroty Team82 has developed a generic bypass for industry-leading web application firewalls (WAF). The bypass technique involves appending JSON syntax to SQL injection payloads that a…

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Cloud Security November 23, 2022

How Does Check Point’s Cloud-Native Offering Enhance AWS Security?

By Jon Harlow, Product Marketing Manager for Cloud Security In order to optimize security operations and meet stringent advanced threat prevention requirements, cloud network security solutions must evolve and add new functionality, to address the…

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Cloud Security November 17, 2022

Unified Security from Code to Cloud: Check Point at AWS re:Invent

For ten years, the global cloud community has come together at AWS’s flagship conference, AWS re:Invent, to meet, get inspired, and rethink what’s possible. AWS invites you to join them again this year, November 28th…

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Cloud Security October 14, 2022

CloudGuard AppSec extends its free trial and legacy WAF trade-in

By, Diana Polansky, Cloud Security Product Marketing Manager  While CloudGuard has previously offered a legacy WAF trade-in for users of traditional web application firewalls who want modern web application and API protection but are locked…

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Cloud Security October 10, 2022

Protecting your assets in the cloud

By Jon Harlow, published Oct, 2022 Securing your business domain needs to be as natural as locking the door and switching on the alarm when you leave. That used to be the basis of security,…

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