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Cloud Security August 31, 2017

Don’t Become a Statistic: 4 Rules For Creating Safer AWS Security Groups

Amazon Web Services is one of the safest publicly accessible places to compute that has ever existed. What was once seen as an eyebrow-raiser for security experts now offers more services, resources and oversight for…

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Cloud Security August 30, 2017

Security By Design: How Dome9 Goes Above and Beyond to Keep Your Cloud Safe

At Dome9, we live by a simple motto: security-first. At every opportunity, we push past the expected minimums to provide unexpected satisfaction and confidence to our customers. As a security firm, we are held to…

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Cloud Security August 22, 2017

This New Feature Just Changed The Game for Security Automation in DevOps

Dome9 recently announced an exciting new capability in our industry-leading public cloud security platform. The Dome9 Compliance Engine now offers support for automated security and compliance assessments of AWS CloudFormation templates (CFT). Our customers can…

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Cloud Security August 11, 2017

How To Use Dome9’s Engine to Check Your Public Cloud Infrastructure for PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance is a big, messy thing with a ton of moving parts. Trying to go through and individually fulfill every requirement manually is incredibly daunting and prohibitively expensive. That’s where the Dome9 compliance engine…

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Cloud Security August 8, 2017

Interview: How Pacific Life Joined The Public Cloud and Saved Over $1 Million

More than half of the United States largest businesses share a common vendor: Pacific Life. The gargantuan financial institution has earned its place in the Fortune 500 by providing services to most of the biggest…

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Cloud Security July 31, 2017

How To Become HIPAA Compliant in Amazon Web Services

HIPAA compliance is a cornerstone for protecting sensitive patient data in hospital information systems. From a compliance management perspective, HIPAA can be a tedious framework to work with. Turning the requirements into hard rules isn’t…

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Cloud Security July 26, 2017

5 Recent Data Breaches from Hell, and Why You Need to Lock Down Your Public Cloud Data NOW

According to Gartner, 95 percent of the security failures in public cloud environments through 2020 will be the customer’s fault rather than the cloud service provider’s. As businesses continue to migrate production workloads and valuable…

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Cloud Security July 10, 2017

Why Prevention Is Essential for Public Cloud Security – Or, Don’t Forget the Umbrella

At the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit in National Harbor, Sid Deshpande, a Gartner security analyst, talked about how organizations are most willing to spend on information security immediately after a breach. In doing…

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Cloud Security May 31, 2017

Security Bites: Finding (and Protecting Against) Exposed AWS S3 Buckets

This is the first in a series of short, ‘pragmatic’ cloud security posts. This time we’ll be covering AWS S3 Buckets. Intro AWS S3 is a very popular cloud based file / object storage service.…

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Cloud Security March 8, 2017

Introducing Cloud Formation Simulator Tool

AWS CloudFormation Templates (CFT) are designed to simplify deployment and management on AWS. CFTs have come a long way from being a declarative infrastructure blueprint. Power users of AWS CloudFormation now create CFTs which act…

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