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Cloud Security October 22, 2018

Get CSA CCM Ready with Dome9

Register Here for an Upcoming Webinar on October 25th 2018: Easily Achieve Cloud Compliance using Dome9’s Automation of CSA’s Cloud Controls Matrix The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM) is designed to provide…

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Cloud Security

How To Detect LibSSH Authentication Bypass for EC2 Instances

It was recently announced that a vulnerability in libssh, a popular library for supporting the Secure Shell (SSH) authentication protocol, left thousands of servers at risk of hijacking. Implications The vulnerability allows an attacker to…

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Cloud Security October 15, 2018

Automatically Remediate Publicly Exposed S3 Buckets

In this blog, we will discuss how S3 bucket exposures are automatically remediated using an open source project called Dome9 CloudBots. What are Cloudbots? Back in June 2018, we released an open-source project called CloudBots. You…

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Cloud Security October 12, 2018

I am safe with Dome9 IAM Ad-Hoc Permission Elevation for AWS Environments

If you work in the cloud, you probably know how many security risks there are out there these days. Hackers are always praying, or someone from your team can misconfigure the environment and expose it…

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Cloud Security October 2, 2018

Get NIST Cybersecurity Framework Support with Dome9

NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) was a collaboration effort of industry experts and government. This framework is considered to be flexible and useful for protection of critical infrastructure. Based on NIST CSF website – “NIST CSF…

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Cloud Security October 1, 2018

Automatic Remediation for Amazon GuardDuty with Dome9 CloudBots

For this blog, we will take a look at how to identify and remediate threats in your cloud environment using Amazon GuardDuty and Dome9 CloudBots. Identify threats with Amazon GuardDuty Here you can see the…

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Cloud Security September 26, 2018

CISO Perspective: Five Cloud Threats You’re Most Likely to Face

The move to AWS and other cloud services is a strategic initiative for many enterprises today. While companies rush to expand their cloud presence and use more cloud services, security considerations are lagging behind. This article…

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Cloud Security September 19, 2018

Protect your Azure Cloud Environments using Dome9 Arc

Come chat with us in Orlando, at Microsoft Ignite Booth 1803! See you all next week! >> Dome9 was the first cloud security vendor to offer native, agentless security orchestration for the three leading IaaS…

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Cloud Security September 17, 2018

Control Blast Radius with Amazon GuardDuty and Dome9 Log.ic

In a previous blog we talked about our integration with GuardDuty for faster mean time to detection. In this blog we will explore how Dome9 Log.ic (our new security intelligence technology) and Amazon GuardDuty working…

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Cloud Security August 31, 2018

Serverless Security is more than FaaS Security – Part 1

In the process of onboarding large enterprises, Dome9 ingests massive cloud footprints and has to perform complex analysis across thousands of cloud accounts, regions and VPCs at scale to ensure security and compliance of the…

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