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Cloud Security March 30, 2020

Cloud Security Intelligence Boost for SIEM

By Gui Alvarenga, Product Marketing Manager Deploying Cloud computing infrastructure is an excellent way for enterprises to stay agile, especially in today’s demanding, fast paced, digitally transforming world – if you’re in business and not…

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COVID-19 Impact: Cyber Criminals Target Zoom Domains

While the world is struggling with the Coronavirus outbreak, many countries have implemented precautionary measures. Schools are being closed, communities are asked to shelter-in-place, and many organizations have enabled their employees to work remotely. As…

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Cloud Security March 27, 2020

Public Cloud – 4 Subtle Differences with Significant Security Concerns

By Grant Asplund, Cloud Evangelist Do you know what percentage of enterprises surveyed are either very concerned or extremely concerned about security in the cloud? Considering Gartner is predicting Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) CAGR…

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Corporate Blog March 26, 2020

Who’s Zooming Who? Guidelines on How to Use Zoom Safely

By Omri Herscovici, Vulnerability Research Team Lead In recent weeks, the COVID-19 crisis has meant that millions of people are staying at home instead of going to work or meeting up with people. Estimates vary…

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Corporate Blog March 25, 2020

Three Must-Haves for Stopping Zero Days at the Speed of Business (Part 2)

By Mor Ahuvia, Threat Prevention Product Marketing Manager Can you defend against zero day threats? Most organizations cannot. But with the right technology, organizations can not only detect more zero days, but can stop them…

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Cloud Security March 23, 2020

How Your Attack Surface is Reduced, Moving to Serverless

Serverless is a new approach to application architecture and deployment. Security becomes both easier and harder, and it is nuanced. In this post, we will go over: what got better, what got more challenging, and…

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Corporate Blog March 19, 2020

COVID-19 Impact: As Retailers Close their Doors, Hackers Open for Business

While we struggle to contain the outbreak of the coronavirus worldwide, its impact is spreading rapidly across the globe.  Countries are shutting their borders and imposing isolation on cities and states, businesses are scaling back…

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Cloud Security March 18, 2020

AWS Lambda Stateless & Ephemeral?

By, Hillel Solow, Serverless Security R&D With AWS Lambda, the stateless and ephemeral nature of serverless functions shifts the way attackers approach these systems. Some of the key ramifications of this shift are: The move…

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Corporate Blog March 17, 2020

A Life of Cybercrime: The Inside Story of How a Nigerian Hacker Earned over $100,000

When you spot a phishing attempt or an email with a suspicious document attached in your inbox, have you ever wondered who actually sent it to you, and how they got your details?  Or even…

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Cloud Security March 16, 2020

Improvements of CloudGuard IaaS in the latest release of R80.40 Unified Security

By Hezi Bahry, Product Manager, CloudGuard IaaS, published March 16, 2020 At Check Point we continually improve our products with new features and functionality. Some of these improvements are as a result of customer requests.…

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