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Can You Hear The Digging? The Dangers of Mobile Mining

Mobile malware focused cyber-criminals are fast adapters, and tend to follow rising trends in order to reach a wider audience. Today’s current trend is cryptocurrencies.   There are several ways in which cyber criminals are taking advantage of the current frenzy surrounding cryptocurrencies. Some mobile miners look to secretly mine these digital currencies without the…

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Corporate Blog June 20, 2018

Cyber-Criminals Are On The Offensive During the World Cup: Wallchart Phishing Campaign Exploits Soccer Fans

Keeping track of the World Cup can get overwhelming.   Cyber criminals are keenly aware of this pain point, seeking to use the buzz around the World Cup as cover for their sneaky attacks.   Check Point researchers have identified a phishing campaign targeting soccer fans, using the email subject line of ““World_Cup_2018_Schedule_and_Scoresheet_V1.86_CB-DL-Manager.”  This type…

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Corporate Blog June 18, 2018

When Ransomware Goes Mobile

In the past two years, the most significant trend in the malware world was the rise of ransomware. Recently, mobile malware followed the footsteps of PC malware, like it has done many times before, as several security vendors detected a sharp rise in the spread of mobile ransomware. According to ESET, ransomware has grown by…

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Corporate Blog June 15, 2018

Account Takeovers and Cloud Security, Part 3: The Anti-Phishing Solution

Having already looked at the challenges of moving to the cloud, and how attackers gain control of a victim’s account, in this third and final post in our cloud security series, we will be looking at how an in depth approach to defense is required to prevent account takeovers.   As discussed, the primary method…

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Corporate Blog June 14, 2018

Introducing CADET: AI Technology in Action

One of the most complex challenges in the world of cyber security is accurately identifying whether a file is good or bad. Take, for example, an executable file. Unlike Word or Excel files for instance, that function only within the context of a specific program, executables, by their very nature, need to operate in a…

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Corporate Blog June 13, 2018

The Atlanta Ransomware Attack Wasn’t as Bad as We Thought – It’s Worse

When the news broke about the massive ransomware attack on the city of Atlanta, the details seemed dire yet murky – we knew about court dates getting rescheduled, city job applications getting frozen, and computer systems going down for nearly a week. As the rubble began to clear, we’re now seeing a better picture on…

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Corporate Blog June 12, 2018

Championship Basketball, Championship Cybersecurity: Lessons from the Golden State Warriors

Immovable object, meet unstoppable force. Led by two-time league MVP Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warriors are chasing basketball history. They’ve broken the record for wins in a regular season, they’ve scored and defended at all-time percentages, and they’ve won two championships in the past three years — nearly sweeping LeBron James and the Cleveland…

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Corporate Blog June 8, 2018

Banking Trojans Continue to Lurk Beneath the Surface

No-one likes having a stranger look over their shoulder when withdrawing money from a public ATM machine, so how much more so would you not want that stranger watching as you carry out online banking activities in the privacy of your own home. Although banks themselves have taken measures to strengthen the security of their…

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Corporate Blog June 7, 2018

May’s Most Wanted Malware: Cryptomining Malware Digs into Nearly 40% of Organizations Globally

Check Point’s latest Global Threat Index reveals that the Coinhive cryptominer impacted 22% of organizations, increasing by nearly 50% in May 2018   Crypto-mining malware has shown no signs of slowing its dominance, as the impact of the Coinhive cyptominer increased by nearly 50% during the month, affecting 22% of all organizations around the world…

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What The NBA Finals Can Teach Us About Cyber Security

If LeBron James didn’t play basketball, he’d be just as menacing as a cyber-hacker.   And if Stephen Curry wasn’t shooting three-pointers before he turned three years old, he’d be just as effective at Check Point as he is as a point guard.   The NBA Finals are on, and for the fourth consecutive year,…

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Corporate Blog June 6, 2018