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Corporate Blog December 17, 2018

Check Point Forensic Files: Fileless GandCrab As Seen by SandBlast Agent

Background   January 2018 saw the debut of the GandCrab ransomware, a well-known malware that is distributed on the Dark Web which targets mainly Scandinavian and English-speaking countries.   In addition, the GandCrab Affiliate Program offers low…

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Corporate Blog December 14, 2018

Check Point’s Enterprise Security Performance: Testing and Sizing

With security threats rising in prevalence and sophistication, threat prevention appliances are performing under higher-than-ever-before traffic volumes. In this new environment, it can be challenging to choose the right appliance to meet your security objectives,…

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Corporate Blog December 13, 2018

SandBlast Agent for Browsers Scores Highest in AVLab Test

In the world of product lab testing, technology providers are usually invited to participate. Check Point is involved in numerous comparison lab tests throughout the year. It’s rare when a test is conducted and the…

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Corporate Blog December 12, 2018

FC (FreakyClown), Cyber Talks, and the latest in cyber security: Join us for CPX 360!

On January 21-23, February 4-6, and February 18-20, the top minds in cyber security will gather in Bangkok, Las Vegas, and Vienna for CPX 360. Check Point is proud to put on the industry’s premier…

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Corporate Blog December 11, 2018

November 2018’s Most Wanted Malware: The Rise of the Thanksgiving Day Botnet

Check Point’s latest Global Threat Index reveals the Emotet botnet rising through the top malware list after several seasonal campaigns, as Coinhive remains at no.1 for 12th consecutive month   Check Point’s researchers identified a…

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Corporate Blog December 10, 2018

The Ransomware Doctor Without A Cure

When individuals and organizations alike rely so much on their computers to get work done, there is nothing they hate more than being held hostage by ransomware and often hold a deep resistance to paying…

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Corporate Blog December 7, 2018

Taking a bite from Apple’s iOS myth

Many people believe that the iOS operating system is immune to mobile threats and malware. They rely on the low volume of attacks on iOS in comparison to Android as their main piece of evidence.…

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Corporate Blog December 6, 2018

Will Google’s Chrome Update Put an End to Online Ad Abuse?

Google has taken another positive step toward making the Internet a safer place with the launch of Chrome 71.   Building on the ad-blocking measures introduced in Chrome 64 and 68, which prevented sites from…

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Corporate Blog December 5, 2018

Winning the war against unknown zero-day malware

In recent years, cybersecurity experts have been severely challenged by unknown zero-day malware attacks. This latest malware has been devised to evade traditional signature-based AV and older sandboxing techniques. According to Check Point Threat Intelligence,…

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Corporate Blog November 29, 2018

Check Point Partners With World Economic Forum on Global Cyber Security

The World Economic Forum is the leading international organization for public-private cooperation, which engages the foremost political, business and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.   The Centre for Cybersecurity…

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