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The Past, the Present, and the Future of Illicit Cryptomining: Cyber Threat Alliance Publishes Landmark White Paper

Every month, Check Point publishes its Monthly Top Malware Report, tracking the latest trends and patterns in the global cyber threat landscape.   And every month, the top spots are filled by illicit cryptomining malware. Coinhive, the most prevalent cryptominer malware in the world, has impacted one-in-five organizations across the world.   Reaching 40 percent…

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Corporate Blog September 19, 2018

May’s Most Wanted Malware: Cryptomining Malware Digs into Nearly 40% of Organizations Globally

Check Point’s latest Global Threat Index reveals that the Coinhive cryptominer impacted 22% of organizations, increasing by nearly 50% in May 2018   Crypto-mining malware has shown no signs of slowing its dominance, as the impact of the Coinhive cyptominer increased by nearly 50% during the month, affecting 22% of all organizations around the world…

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Corporate Blog June 7, 2018

April’s Most Wanted Malware: Cryptomining Malware Targeting Unpatched Server Vulnerabilities

After analysing April’s threat data from a global network of sensors and millions of data points, Check Point researchers published the latest Global Threat Index today. Crypto-mining malware remains a growing threat to organizations all across the world, as cyber-criminals are taking advantage of insufficient security practices by targeting unpatched vulnerabilities.   April 2018 marked…

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Corporate Blog May 14, 2018

Fifth Generation Phishing Kits Have Arrived

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” – Maimonides (1135-1204).   With online phishing kits being the all-in-one DIY fishing pack for those new to this illicit activity, low-tech scammers are taking Maimonides’ proverb to heart.   Phishing…

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Corporate Blog April 24, 2018

March’s Most Wanted Malware:  Cryptomining Malware That Works Even Outside the Web Browser on the Rise

Check Point’s latest Global Threat Index reveals that hackers are increasingly utilizing cryptomining malware that operates without an active web browser session   Check Point recently published its monthly Global Threat Index, revealing a surge of cryptomining malware attacks throughout March – specifically, an endpoint cryptomining malware known as the XMRig variant.   First seen…

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Corporate Blog April 13, 2018

Meet The Hackers: A Series On Mobile Malware

Over the past year, every company in the world has experienced a mobile malware attack.   Mobile malware has become a major concern for both consumers and organizations worldwide. Although much has been written about which mobile malwares are prevalent and how the different variants operate, it’s critical to understand why attackers choose to target…

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Corporate Blog February 26, 2018

December’s Most Wanted Malware: Crypto-Miners Affect 55% of Businesses Worldwide

Check Point’s latest Global Threat Index reveals the rise of crypto-mining malware targeting enterprises   During the month of December 2017, crypto-mining malware rapidly rose in Check Point’s Global Threat Index’s top ten most prevalent malware.   Crypto-mining malware refers to cybercriminals hijacking the victim’s CPU or GPU power and existing resources to mine cryptocurrency.…

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Corporate Blog January 15, 2018

The Danger Behind Santa’s Beard

Santa’s beard is usually white, the colour of purity and innocence. However, cyber-criminals targeting online shoppers enjoying the run up to the Black Friday and Christmas holidays this year could be trying to take advantage of that innocence.   Researchers at Check Point recently discovered that criminals have a new way to trick merry online…

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Corporate Blog November 20, 2017

New Research: Mobile Malware Hits Every Business

Every business has experienced at least one mobile cyberattack in the past year, according to a new study published today by Check Point mobile threat researchers. The report, entitled Mobile Cyberattacks Impact Every Business, is the first study to document the volume and impact of mobile attacks across corporate and public enterprise environments. The landmark…

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Corporate Blog November 17, 2017

October’s Most Wanted Malware: Cryptocurrency Mining Presents New Threat

Check Point’s latest Global Threat Index has revealed crypto miners were an increasingly prevalent form of malware during October as organizations were targeted with the CoinHive variant Crypto mining is emerging as a silent, yet significant, actor in the threat landscape, allowing threat actors to extract substantial profits while victims’ endpoints and networks suffer from…

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Corporate Blog November 13, 2017