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Threat Research May 6, 2014

Rogue WiFi Hotspots – Why getting coffee is putting your enterprise at risk (Social Engineering Ep. 4)

Most people don’t think twice before connecting to a free public Wi-Fi hotspot at a coffee shop, airport, or hotel. If someone is providing free WiFi, users will usually connect first and think later. With rogue Wi-Fi hotspots growing in numbers, it’s becoming much more critical to monitor connectivity.

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Threat Research May 2, 2014

Mobile Security Weekly – Mobile Malware finds new ways to steal from victims

This week’s summary serves as a reminder that mobile malware is developing and advancing on several different fronts. On one front, attacker are finding new ways to target and exploit victims as well as to bypass security measures. In another front, attackers are continuing to find ways to attack the biggest and most established apps on the market.

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Threat Research April 29, 2014

Mobile Scareware – Bringing Scary Back (Social Engineering Ep. 3)

With this entry, we continue our series on common methods of social engineering that target mobile devices. This time around, we discuss "Scareware”.

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Threat Research April 26, 2014

Weekly Mobile Security News Roundup – Are your Mobile Apps Exposing Sensitive Data?

For the first time in several weeks, this week’s summary isn’t dominated by the OpenSSL vulnerability - Heartbleed. While Heartbleed may not breaking news anymore - we still recommend making it a priority to ensure your enterprise is protected from it. This week’s items serve as another reminder of the different ways an app or a device can expose sensitive data.

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Threat Research April 18, 2014

Weekly Mobile Security News Roundup – Heartbleed Leaves Mobile Users Vulnerable to Attacks

Another week of mobile security news has been mostly dominated by the after effects of the discovery of Heartbleed. It’s becoming apparent that fears regarding the magnitude of the event weren't exaggerated. With Heartbleed based PC attacks already being reported, this issue is still evolving.

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