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Threat Research November 1, 2013

Threat Emulation Exposes Widespread Malware Campaign

Summary On October 24, 2013, the Check Point ThreatCloud Emulation Service received six PDF document files from a European Union official agency running a Check Point threat prevention gateway. Automated analysis in the Threat Emulation…

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Threat Research October 25, 2013

LinkedIn Intro – A FAQ

There’s a lot of buzz regarding LinkedIn’s new iOS app – Intro. Some are hailing it, others hate it. To clarify what’s going on, we’ve put together this FAQ.

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Threat Research October 15, 2013

Viewpoints on Launching Lacoon

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Threat Research January 30, 2013

Tales from the Crypter: Thwarting Malware Obfuscation with Threat Emulation

Summary Malware writers employ a variety of specialized obfuscation techniques to render known malware invisible to existing antivirus defenses. These techniques, known as “crypting,” enable malware writers to create unknown variants of proven, highly effective…

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Threat Research January 2, 2013

Malware Evolution: PC-based vs. Mobile

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Threat Research November 21, 2012

Spyphones as a Political Espionage Tool

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