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Threat Research January 10, 2014

Weekly Mobile Security News Roundup

What’s new on the mobile security front? We present the weekly mobile security news round up to keep you updated on the most relevant items.

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Threat Research January 4, 2014

Weekly Mobile Security News Roundup

As a way to kick-start 2014, we’re going to start releasing a weekly summary of the important events and trends in the Mobile Security world.

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Threat Research December 25, 2013

Evasi0n7 JB– the first iOS7 Jailbreak

We’ve been expecting an iOS7 jailbreak tool for some time. After all, researchers have been working towards this for the past few months, and the rumor mill was working overtime. Timing its release on 22nd of December, evasi0n7 JB was one holiday gift we weren’t excited about.

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Threat Research December 11, 2013

Hand of Thief (HoT) Moves its Way to Android

A relatively new commercial mobile bot, Hands of Thief (HoT) for Android, which targets users of online banking has been circulating the underground forums for the past three months. As its owner claims, this bot variant is “better than Perkele” – the notorious Android malware kit used to bypass multi-factor authentication.

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Threat Research December 10, 2013

The 2013 Android Vulnerability of the Year

Were we to pick the most notorious 2013 Android vulnerability - the dubious award would undoubtedly go to CVE-2013-6282. A privilege escalation flaw released in October and affects all Android versions 4.0-4.3. What makes this vulnerability so abysmal?

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Threat Research November 26, 2013

Check Point Threat Emulation Finds “Joke-of-the-day” Chain Letter is No Joke

Summary Check Point’s Threat Emulation Cloud Service recently detected an Excel document that runs a macro in order to change the computer’s background “as a joke”. Like other email chain letters, the message propagates when…

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Threat Research

Android Rooting Tools Recently Released: “VROOT” and “Motochopper”

Two new rooting tools against a wide spectrum of Android devices, ranging from version 4.0 till 4.4, were recently found. These tools allow an adversary to bypass the Android permission model and gain full control…

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Threat Research November 14, 2013

Defeating Cryptolocker with ThreatCloud and Gateway Threat Prevention

Summary Check Point’s Malware Research Group has been investigating the ‘Cryptolocker’ malware that has recently been reported to be on the rise. As part of the analysis, the researchers created a ‘sinkhole’ – a system…

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Threat Research November 1, 2013

Threat Emulation Exposes Widespread Malware Campaign

Summary On October 24, 2013, the Check Point ThreatCloud Emulation Service received six PDF document files from a European Union official agency running a Check Point threat prevention gateway. Automated analysis in the Threat Emulation…

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Threat Research October 25, 2013

LinkedIn Intro – A FAQ

There’s a lot of buzz regarding LinkedIn’s new iOS app – Intro. Some are hailing it, others hate it. To clarify what’s going on, we’ve put together this FAQ.

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