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Threat Research September 21, 2014

Mobile Security Weekly – A Whole New iWorld

This edition of the Mobile Security Weekly couldn’t start with anything but the release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. With it, all the old discussions of Android vs iPhone have risen again, along…

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Threat Research September 18, 2014

iOS 8: Newer, better, but is it safer?

Can Apple’s New Features Expose You to New Mobile Security Risks? With the iCloud scandal seemingly in its past, Apple announced new iPhones, updates to iPad and Macbooks as well as news on OSX Yosemite.…

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Threat Research September 16, 2014

Don’t Let Mobile Spy App Windseeker Get Caught in Your Sail

As Mobile Malware evolves, how do you protect yourself from Mobile Spy Apps like Windseeker? Recently, our research team spotted a new Chinese Android surveillance app that implements a new, unique injection technique. How is this…

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Threat Research September 14, 2014

Mobile Security Weekly – iPhone 6 is Here – Mobile Security Doesn’t Stop to Wait.

Amazingly, things that aren’t related to either the iCloud Scandal or the iPhone 6 have made big impacts on the world of mobile security this week. Google is taking another step towards the enterprise, while…

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Threat Research September 8, 2014

Mobile Security Weekly – Why Is iCloud Raining On Us?

There is only one story dominating the tech sites worldwide at the moment. The celebrity picture scandal has brought a lot of unwanted attention in Apple’s direction. That isn’t to say that Android should come…

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Threat Research September 5, 2014

Snap, Click, Save, Leak. Think You’re Safe? Think again.

Why Hollywood (and you) Need a BYOD Mobile Security Strategy Oops, it’s happened again. Someone’s sensitive information was stolen from a place where they were sure it was safe. We all assume the private information…

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Threat Research September 1, 2014

Mobile Security Weekly – A New Arena: Wearable Tech Security

This week’s summary mixes the old with the new. There are several more vulnerabilities, both in iOS and Android, that might be new to users, but are based on tried and tested “formulas”. The new…

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Threat Research August 27, 2014

Hacking the Hacker

  How We Cracked the Code on DirCrypt Ransomware Ransomware has become a top computer security threat over the past few years, with a rapid evolution of variants and techniques. It is perhaps the most…

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Threat Research August 23, 2014

Mobile Security Weekly – Are iOS and Android full of holes or is it just Gamma Group?

Questions continue to be raised, both by users and now governments, regarding the safety of mobile devices. With news items going both ways, it’s hard to keep up and make sure that your enterprise is…

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Threat Research August 16, 2014

Mobile Security Weekly – Bringing the Hammer Down on Mobile Threats

  The world of mobile security is constantly absorbing and adopting new trends. This week’s summary highlights just that. It’s evident just how unsecure even the most “secure” devices are – despite several companies attempting…

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