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Threat Research July 31, 2013

A Practical Attack Against MDM Solutions

We’re looking forward to presenting today at BlackHat USA 2013. It’s going to be our first time taking the stage at BlackHat Las Vegas – and we’re excited! As our title says – this is…

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Threat Research January 30, 2013

Tales from the Crypter: Thwarting Malware Obfuscation with Threat Emulation

Summary Malware writers employ a variety of specialized obfuscation techniques to render known malware invisible to existing antivirus defenses. These techniques, known as “crypting,” enable malware writers to create unknown variants of proven, highly effective…

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Threat Research January 2, 2013

Malware Evolution: PC-based vs. Mobile

2012 signified the year where people started seriously thinking about mobile security and asking: how do we handle this new threat? The question was not merely one asked by uber-defense agencies (think back to Obama’s…

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Threat Research December 17, 2012

Samsung gets Pwned again – ExynosAbuse Exploit Review

A new vulnerability exploiting Android devices was published just yesterday. The vulnerability- aka ExynosAbuse – exists on various Samsung devices on a number of Android versions, including 2.x, 4.0, and 4.1. The flaw is a…

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Threat Research November 21, 2012

Spyphones as a Political Espionage Tool

Just recently high-ranking Georgian officials were accused of hacking into their political opponents’ computers and phone call tapping – recordings that were later uploaded to YouTube. With the prevalence of mobile phones, phone call tapping…

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Threat Research November 20, 2012

Pwned: How can I prevent my iPhone from being hacked?

Following our last blog entry, we were inundated by personal requests asking us: How do iOS devices (iPhone, iPod) become infected with spyphone malware? And more pressing, how to prevent a spyphone installation? How are…

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Threat Research November 15, 2012

MythBusters – is iOS Hack-Proof?

At Lacoon Security we sleep, breathe and live mobile security. But one question we keep receiving is whether iPhones are in fact hack-proof. After all, when you hear about malicious apps – such as those…

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