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May’s Most Wanted Malware: Cryptomining Malware Digs into Nearly 40% of Organizations Globally

Check Point’s latest Global Threat Index reveals that the Coinhive cryptominer impacted 22% of organizations, increasing by nearly 50% in May 2018   Crypto-mining malware has shown no signs of slowing its dominance, as the impact of the Coinhive cyptominer increased by nearly 50% during the month, affecting 22% of all organizations around the world…

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Corporate Blog June 7, 2018

Banking Trojans Under Development

Although banks themselves have taken measures to strengthen the security of their authentication processes, Banker Trojans, however, are still a popular tool for stealing user’s financial details and draining bank accounts. The Check Point Research tea…

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Research June 6, 2018

What The NBA Finals Can Teach Us About Cyber Security

If LeBron James didn’t play basketball, he’d be just as menacing as a cyber-hacker.   And if Stephen Curry wasn’t shooting three-pointers before he turned three years old, he’d be just as effective at Check Point as he is as a point guard.   The NBA Finals are on, and for the fourth consecutive year,…

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Corporate Blog

Healthcare, Retail, and Finance: Gen V Attacks Affect All Industries

Fifth generation mega-attacks have changed the cyber security landscape forever.  As proven by the WannaCry and Petya ransomware attacks last year, using vulnerabilities and exploit tools stolen from intelligence agencies, attackers can now cause economic chaos across all industries around the world.   From finance to healthcare to manufacturing, almost all organizations across all industries…

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Corporate Blog June 5, 2018

GDPR: the Fifth Generation of Data Security

The default shorthand to describe GDPR is a “game changer for data privacy and security”. With roots in a 19th century law essay as well as more recent directives, the arrival of this type of regulation should come as a surprise to very few.   GDPR may, and probably will, prove to be game changing.…

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Corporate Blog June 4, 2018

Cyber Attacks 101: Process Doppelgänger, The Not-So-Friendly Ghost

Defending cyber attacks requires understanding the people and groups that carry them out – the more we know about who they are, how they operate, and what they’re capable of, the more equipped we will be to thwart them in their tracks.   Cyber criminals see it the same way – they’re always seeking intelligence…

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Corporate Blog June 1, 2018

Handling BSODs in Your Sandbox: A Useful Addition to Your Emulation Toolbox

In our malware laboratory sandbox, we emulate a large number of samples each day. These emulations provide a lot of useful information, such as IoCs (Indicators of Compromise), that we use to protect our customers. Usually, we expect to see a small num…

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Research May 23, 2018

One Year Later: WannaCry, The Dawn Of A New Generation Of Cyber-Attacks

A year ago today, after multiple days of digital bombardment, the cyber-security world changed forever.   Over one weekend, the notorious ransomware attack that would become widely known as WannaCry infected more than 200,000 machines around the world, causing billions of dollars in damages. Ransomware attacks occur all the time, but the speed and the…

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Corporate Blog May 15, 2018

April’s Most Wanted Malware: Cryptomining Malware Targeting Unpatched Server Vulnerabilities

After analysing April’s threat data from a global network of sensors and millions of data points, Check Point researchers published the latest Global Threat Index today. Crypto-mining malware remains a growing threat to organizations all across the world, as cyber-criminals are taking advantage of insufficient security practices by targeting unpatched vulnerabilities.   April 2018 marked…

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Corporate Blog May 14, 2018

Remote Code Execution Vulnerability on LG Smartphones

Research by: Slava Makkaveev Background A few months ago, Check Point Research discovered two vulnerabilities that reside in the default keyboard on all mainstream LG smartphone models (termed by LG as ‘LGEIME’). These vulnerabilities are unique to LG …

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Research May 8, 2018