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Corporate Blog September 24, 2021

Driving Automated Threat Prevention & Security Policy Orchestration

Join Check Point and Ansible virtually at AnsibleFest 2021, Sept 29-30th The dramatic increase in cyberattacks like ransomware, zero day, and supply chain are fundamentally changing how we should be approaching cybersecurity.  Targeted advanced persistent…

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Corporate Blog September 23, 2021

Cloud enabled Network Security as a Service with Check Point Harmony Connect and Harmony Email and Office

As more applications move to the cloud, business users increasingly rely on these applications to do their jobs. From virtual meetings to file-sharing to collaboration through tools, including voice and video traffic, they require consistent,…

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Corporate Blog September 14, 2021

Amid vaccine mandates, fake vaccine certificates become a full blown industry

* Updated September 23rd 2021 Black market for fake vaccine certificates booms Check Point Research (CPR) continues to monitor the black market in which fake COVID-19 vaccine certificates are being sold to anyone willing to…

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Corporate Blog September 10, 2021

August 2021’s Most Wanted Malware: Formbook Climbs into First Place

Check Point Research reports that the infostealer, Formbook, is the most prevalent malware while the banking trojan, Qbot, has dropped from the list all together. Our latest Global Threat Index for August 2021 has revealed…

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Corporate Blog September 9, 2021

E-REDES Secures Mission-Critical Substation Environments with Next-Generation Security from Check Point Software

By Amit Sharon, Head of Global Customer Community & Market Intelligence, Check Point Software Digitalization is introducing new capabilities into energy distribution and power grids. Intelligent technologies offer far greater visibility and control, but they…

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Cloud Security September 7, 2021

Check Point Cloud Security Wins High Praise as Leader in G2 Reviews

By Amit Sharon, Head of Customer Experience, Check Point Software Check Point customers express their enthusiasm for industry-leading Check Point CloudGuard products on a leading software review site, G2. Check Point CloudGuard helps thousands of customers…

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Corporate Blog September 1, 2021

Check Point Harmony: A secure solution for remote users

By, Jessica Reece, Manager of Regional Telco Sales The business world has comprehensively shifted over the last year into remote work, a way of life that may be permanent for many organizations. Staying connected at…

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Cloud Security August 31, 2021

Check Point CloudGuard Network Security is a Launch Partner for Amazon VPC Enhanced Routing

By Jeff Kopko, Cloud Alliance Architect and Jonathan Maresky, Cloud Product Marketing Manager, published August 31, 2021 In my previous blog post I wrote about the three pillars of CloudGuard: “Security · Automated · Everywhere”,…

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Cloud Security August 30, 2021

How to Maintain PCI-DSS Compliance for E-commerce Applications

By, Gui Alvarenga, Product Marketing Manager While retailers and online stores continue to be targets for hackers due to the large financial gains, it is surprising that many are struggling to meet the demands of…

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Corporate Blog August 26, 2021

Preventing Multi-Stage Attacks – Case in Point

By: Danielle Guetta, Product Marketing Manager & Amir Helinger, Product Manager On our blog post from January of this year we shared how multi-stage attacks work and how our Threat Emulation technology is able to…

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