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Cloud Security May 6, 2022

The complete guide to SSH keys in GitLab

By Dotan Nahum April 20, 2022 No one wants to send their precious information over unencrypted channels. This is why most websites and web services use HTTPS to encrypt data by default. When it comes…

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Cloud Security

Secure Your Migration to AWS, Part I: The Challenges

By Mark Brindley, Head of Cloud Alliance The cloud provides the infrastructure backbone for most enterprises, as well as the delivery of mission-critical applications. In the last decade, the cloud has become scalable, flexible, reliable,…

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Corporate Blog May 5, 2022

Check Point Software Outlines Five Must-Haves for Creating a Secure Password

To protect ourselves from cybercriminals, it is essential to use a combination of characters when creating a password, use different ones for each account, use a long password, change it regularly and use two-factor authentication.…

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Cloud Security

The Age of Zero-day Java Vulnerabilities

Spring4Shell, Log4j and a few good tips for staying secure By Idan Sofer May 5th, 2022 Well it is now safe to say that the season of Java vulnerability exploits is upon us. In the…

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Corporate Blog May 4, 2022

Cybersecurity for banks – Securing advanced e-Banking services

By Alon Bar, Product Marketing Manager A bank’s applications drive the business. And as they evolve and grow, they expose more APIs causing the attack surface to grow as well. Cybercriminals are exploiting this phenomenon,…

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Corporate Blog May 3, 2022

CISA’s 2021 Top-15 routinely exploited Vulnerabilities – Check Point customers remain fully protected

03/05/2022 Background In a joint advisory published On April 27, the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)- in collaboration with CSA/NSA/FBI/ACSC and other cybersecurity authorities provided details on the top 15 Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures…

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Corporate Blog May 2, 2022

Check Point’s Quantum IoT Protect Identified Hacked IoT Devices & Protects a Customer from a Cyber-Attack

IoT is everywhere. From smart light bulbs to IP cameras, wearables, and even smart kitchen appliances, IoT provides benefits for any organization as it enables employees to be more productive and crucial business processes to…

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Corporate Blog April 27, 2022

Cracks forming in the ransomware ecosystem

According to the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), ransomware is the most immediate threat to businesses worldwide. Gone are the days when ransomware actors would target a single machine and try to extort a…

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Cloud Security April 22, 2022

GitLab vs GitHub: Which is right for you?

By Dotan Nahum It is safe to say that most code in the world resides on either GitLab or GitHub. Which makes perfect sense in a cloud-based, OSS-dependent world. Without them, OSS and collaborative software…

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Corporate Blog April 21, 2022

Largest Mobile Chipset Manufacturers used Vulnerable Audio Decoder, 2/3 of Android users’ Privacy around the World were at Risk

Highlights: Check Point Research discovered vulnerabilities in the ALAC format that could have led an attacker to remotely get access to its media and audio conversations MediaTek and Qualcomm, the two largest mobile chipset manufacturers…

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