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Corporate Blog February 6, 2020

Check Point Research Brand Phishing report – Q4

Facebook tops the list, Technology industry is prime target Summary According to Check Point Research analysis, Facebook leads the top 10 phishing brands in Q4 2019 and Technology is the most common industry for which…

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Corporate Blog February 5, 2020

The Dark Side of Smart Lighting: Check Point Research Shows How Business and Home Networks Can Be Hacked from a Lightbulb

Everyone is familiar with the concept of IoT, the Internet of Things, but how many of you have heard of smart lightbulbs? By using a mobile app, or your digital home assistant, you can control…

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Cloud January 31, 2020

Cloud Visibility Challenges

By Gui Alvarenga, Product Marketing Manager, published January 31 2020 Today’s enterprises have typically reached high levels of cloud maturity, including distributed application architectures that are based on advanced cloud technologies such as containers and…

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Corporate Blog January 30, 2020

Check Point Research partners with Microsoft Azure to create a safer, better secured cloud infrastructure

Cloud security is often a mystery. Clients blindly trust the cloud providers and their security. If we look at the popular cloud vulnerabilities we can see that most of them focus on the security of…

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Corporate Blog January 28, 2020

Check Point Research finds vulnerabilities in Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

Since-introduced mitigations resolve issue Zoom is a leader in modern enterprise video communications, it provides an easy cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room…

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Cloud Security January 22, 2020

The Challenge of Compliance in the Cloud

By Trisha Paine, Head of Cloud Marketing Programs, published January 22 2020 Compliance programs are designed to address perceived threats or risks to an industry or community. Typically, an industry authority (e.g., government or industry…

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Corporate Blog January 20, 2020

Preventing Zero Day Attacks using MITRE ATT&CK Framework

By Kobi Eisenkraft and Asaf Fried, Threat Prevention R&D This is the third installment of a three-part series about how Check Point employs the MITRE ATT&CK framework to prevent cyberattacks. Read Part 1 and Part…

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Cloud Security January 17, 2020

Cloud Native Security: What it Means

By Hillel Solow, Serverless Security R&D, published January 17, 2020 What are Cloud Native Applications? Cloud-native applications are built purposefully for deployment and operation in a cloud environment. They consist of small, independent microservices, such…

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Cloud Security

Achieving Continuous Compliance at the Speed of Cloud

By Grant Asplund, Cloud Evangelist, published January 17, 2020 Imagine you’re in a small boat. You’re out in the middle of a pond and you have to keep your boat in precisely the same place,…

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Corporate Blog January 16, 2020

Use the Correct Tool for the Job: Mobile Management Solutions are Not Security!

By Yael Macias, Product Marketing Manager, Threat Prevention In the past decade, the world went mobile. And businesses had to catch up and adapt to this trend, by allowing their employees to access corporate assets…

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