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Corporate Blog May 12, 2021

Check Point Software Showcases Cloud Security at AWS Summit

AWS Summit is almost here! In the past, AWS Summits have been regional day-long conferences for developers and IT pros to gain knowledge and experience with the AWS cloud. This year, the AWS Summit is…

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Corporate Blog May 11, 2021

Protect Enterprises and Critical Infrastructure from the Increase in Ransomware Attacks

By, Russ Schafer and Mitch Muro The recent attack on a U.S. pipeline impacting almost half the fuel on the East Coast, is confirmation that the acceleration in sophisticated ransomware attacks is continuing. The numbers…

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Cloud Security

Companies’ 5 Million Personal identifiable information records detected on an AWS service due to misconception of users

Highlights Check Point Research (CPR) identified a trend of user’s misconception of service on AWS system manager, resulting in personal records detection 5 million personally identifiable information (PII) records and credit card transactions revealed by…

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Corporate Blog May 10, 2021

“Into The Mind of An IoT Hacker | Protect Your IoT Networks & Devices” – RSA Conference 2021®

By now, we’ve probably all heard the stories around cyber criminals and their successful cyber attacks on companies by infiltrating their connected IoT devices. But how do cyber criminals achieve this kind of attack? Well…

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Corporate Blog May 6, 2021

Android users’ privacy at risk as Check Point Research identifies vulnerability on Qualcomm’s mobile station modems

Check Point Research (CPR) found a security vulnerability in Qualcomm’s mobile station modem (MSM), the chip responsible for cellular communication in nearly 40% of the world’s phones. If exploited, the vulnerability would have allowed an…

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Cloud Security May 5, 2021

Check Your Privilege – the Risks of Privilege Escalation In the Cloud

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s famous motto, ‘move fast and break things’ is believed to be one of the drivers behind the company’s innovations and growth.  However, moving faster than you’d planned isn’t always…

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Cloud Security May 4, 2021

Enhance Application Security with Nutanix Flow and Check Point CloudGuard

By Daniel Mirkin, CloudGuard Project Manager, and Abhishek Tiwari, Senior Director, Product Management, Nutanix Flow, published May 4, 2021 Nutanix provides a “web-scale, hyperconverged infrastructure solution purpose-built for virtualization and both containerized and private cloud…

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Corporate Blog May 3, 2021

Application Control in the World of Cloud and Shadow IT

By, Mor Naim Reinshtein, Oren Koren,  Avraham Bechor and Adi Ikan Cloud solutions are proliferating rapidly. Sometimes it seems like the pace is too fast, and is coming at the expense of security considerations. Sensitive…

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Corporate Blog April 30, 2021

Check Point Software is a finalist for two Microsoft Security 20/20 awards

By Russell Tal, Alliance Marketing Manager Last year, the first annual Microsoft Security 20/20 awards were given only three weeks before the whole world shut down for COVID-19. In many places around the world, the…

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Corporate Blog April 28, 2021

Double Trouble – the Threat of Double Extortion Ransomware and How Your Organization Can Protect Itself

By the time you have finished reading this sentence, an organization somewhere in the world will have fallen victim to a ransomware attack and had at least some of its corporate data encrypted.  On average,…

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