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Blog Post June 18, 2019

Introducing Malware DNA: Gaining Deep Insights into Malware Ancestry

A single drop of blood contains billions of strands of DNA, carrying genetic instructions for the development, functioning, growth, and reproduction of all known organisms. DNA holds the building blocks of life.   Similarly, the lines of malware code make…

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Corporate Blog June 13, 2019

May 2019’s Most Wanted Malware: Patch Now to Avoid the BlueKeep Blues

In May, the most significant event in the threat landscape was not a new type of malware:  it was a serious vulnerability in older versions of Windows operating systems that – if exploited by criminals…

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Blog Post June 12, 2019

How Well Does CloudGuard IaaS Support Azure Security?

By Jonathan Maresky, Product Marketing Manager, Cloudguard IaaS, published June 12th, 2019   Check Point CloudGuard IaaS provides support for Microsoft Azure and hybrid cloud deployments, and thereby improves Azure security. This isn’t surprising, considering…

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Corporate Blog June 6, 2019

New 16000 and 26000 Security Gateways

Time to Turbo Charge your Enterprise with new Hyperscale Gateways  by Michael A. Greenberg, Product Marketing Manager, Security Platforms, published June 6th 2019 In 2018, over 2 billion people and 46% of all companies were…

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Blog Post June 4, 2019

X by Orange Guarantees Cloud Security for Clients with Check Point CloudGuard

By Moti Sagey, Head of Strategic Marketing, Check Point   Moti Sagey is the Head of Strategic Marketing & Intelligence at Check Point Software.  Moti is responsible for strategically transforming intelligence and information into a…

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Corporate Blog May 31, 2019

Prevent Cryptojacker Attacks: Check Point predicts the unpredictable at Infosecurity Europe 2019

Next week, we’re packing our bags and heading to Infosecurity Europe 2019. Europe’s largest annual information security expo takes place at the Olympia Grand in London from June 4-6. We’ll be joining forces with some…

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Corporate Blog May 30, 2019

What The Golden State Warriors and The Toronto Raptors Can Teach About Cyber Security

The Golden State Warriors face off against the Toronto Raptors in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, scheduled for 6:00pm PST on Thursday, May 30th. On their fifth straight NBA Final, the Golden State Warriors…

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Blog Post May 29, 2019

Healthcare Breaches Affected Nearly One Million US Patients: The Security Risks of Medical IoT

Over the month of March, nearly one million people in the United States had their medical files exposed in data breaches, according to HIPAA Journal. And after a ransomware attack forced a medical center in Michigan to…

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Blog Post May 28, 2019

SandBlast Agent Protects Against BlueKeep RDP Vulnerability

Recently, a security advisory was released for a vulnerability in RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) affecting multiple Windows Operating Systems prior to 8.1. According to Microsoft’s advisory, this vulnerability can be exploited for both remote code execution…

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Blog Post May 27, 2019

Winning with Innovative Defense

In this Stanley Cup Final, the St. Louis Blues will play against the Boston Bruins, with Game 1 scheduled for May 27th. Advancing to the Stanley Cup Final for the first time in 49 years,…

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