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Bug in the Bug Tracker

On September 29th, Check Point’s Malware and Vulnerability Research Group uncovered a critical privilege escalation vulnerability in the popular bug-tracking platform called Bugzilla. According to the CVE security vulnerability database (, this is the first privilege escalation bug uncovered in the Bugzilla project since 2002. (See also: Bugzilla Zero-Day Exposes Zero-Day Bugs by Brian Krebs)…

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Threat Research October 6, 2014

Lacoon Discovers the Xsser mRAT">

Lacoon Discovers the Xsser mRAT">Mobile Security Weekly – Lacoon Discovers the Xsser mRAT

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Threat Research October 3, 2014

Protecting Yourself Against Shellshock

Note: This is a developing story. Check Point will provide updates as additional information becomes available. Check Point strongly encourages organizations to take action and understands how fixes and protections work in order to minimize their exposure and avoid introducing new problems. What is Bash and Shellshock? Bourne Again Shell, also referred to as Bash…

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Threat Research September 25, 2014