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Threat Research March 19, 2015

Check Point Reveals New RCE Vulnerability in BitDefender Anti-Virus

Check Point’s Malware and Vulnerability Research Group today revealed new research into potential attacks of a crucial component in the Windows operating system, and demonstrated the use of such an attack by revealing a previously…

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Threat Research

Shiver Me Timbers! DDoS Attacks Caused by Pirate Bay Trackers and DNS Misconfigurations?

In January of 2015 the Check Point Incident Response team (CPIR) had two DDoS attack cases from separate customers with similar characteristics: The first case: On Saturday January 10th a US Children’s Hospital called the…

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Security Insights March 12, 2015

Segmentation – the Simplest Security Policy Most People Miss

In our 2014 Security Report, we highlighted a quote from Bill Cheswick, a world-renowned computer security expert, who in 1990 talked about first-generation network security focusing on perimeter protection. He called this simple perimeter security…

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Threat Research March 2, 2015

Return of the Masque Attack

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Security Insights February 24, 2015

Is Software Defined Protection the New Software Defined Networking?

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is the latest buzz term to take over the networking world – and is not to be overlooked. With the goal of automating network infrastructure functions that used to be fixed…

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Threat Research February 20, 2015

Angler Exploit Kit – Blocking Attacks Even Before Zero Day

The Story Blocking attempts to use exploit kits (EK) against our customers is one of Check Point’s main targets in IPS. Thus, our Intelligence Teams follow closely the trends in this world. On late December,…

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