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Threat Research July 5, 2014

Mobile Security Weekly – Threats are Everywhere

This week’s issue contains four entirely different but all highly volatile mobile security threats. New vulnerabilities and threat vectors are rapidly appearing. These aren’t small issues either - they potentially place millions of devices and users in danger and all need receive due attention.

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Threat Research July 2, 2014

Is Android Fragmentation making the OS as fragile as glass?

What is fragmentation and how does it affect the security of the Android-based devices? Join our podcast where Dan Koretsky, our sr. security researcher at Lacoon Security, provides a brief overview of Android fragmentation and its implications on enterprise security.

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Threat Research June 25, 2014

Pangu: An iOS 7.1 Jailbreaking Tool – a Major Leap in Attacker’s Capabilities

A jailbreaking tool, named Pangu, for Apple-based mobile devices running iOS 7.1-7.1.x was released yesterday on June 24, 2014. Pangu should concern us - the security community, enterprises, and consumers alike. Pangu represents a major technology leap, ultimately lowering the barrier for attackers to create sophisticated mobile-targeted attacks.

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Threat Research

Heartbleed: A Look Into the new Threat on the Block

What is Heartbleed and how does it work? Earlier this month, the Security teams at Codenomicon and Google Security discovered the critical security bug known as Heartbleed (CVE-2014-0160). This vulnerability has been found in versions…

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Threat Research June 15, 2014

Mobile Security Weekly – New tech = Friend or Foe?

This week’s update focuses on the technological advancement dilemma: simplicity vs security. With some of their new updates, both Google and Apple seem to be voting firmly in one direction - and it doesn’t seem to be security. We also can’t possibly ignore the FIFA World Cup that kicked off in Brazil on Thursday. We’ve tried to provide a few security tips that might help users that are planning to travel to Brazil to take part in the festivities.

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Threat Research June 7, 2014

Mobile Security Weekly – Cupid is here, but he’s not spreading love.

Only two items this week, but both discuss attacks that may be capable of causing quite a bit of havoc in the near future. One reminds us that the biggest mobile security of 2014 hasn’t yet finished while the other poses questions about things to come.

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