Click-Time Protection – Replaced URL Domain Change

Posted by jonathango on July, 28, 2022

Harmony Email & Collaboration’s Click-Time Protection URL Format is now simpler, shorter and its domain is different

When a URL is replaced by Click-Time Protection, it is wrapped by the Click-time service domain and an encrypted blob, so that every time a user clicks on the link, the website behind the link is inspected by the Check Point security engines.

These links will now be generated in a slightly different and enhanced format.

The new format is: ___<original url>___<encrypted blob>

The main changes are:

  • The original URL is surrounded by underscores, making it easier to read
  • Overall shorter URL
  • New domain –

The new format (V2) will now become the default format for every new portal and for portals that never replaced links via Click-Time Protection.

Administrators can select between the old format (V1) and the new format (V2) under Config -> Security Engines -> Click-Time Protection -> Configure

Note – this feature is now gradually deployed and will be available in your portal in the next week.