Ensure Emails that are Allow-Listed by Check Point are not Quarantined by Microsoft/Google

Posted by jonathango on November, 6, 2022

Harmony Email & Collaboration can be configured to ensure allow-listed emails are not quarantined or moved to Junk by Microsoft or Google.

In some cases, emails that are allow-listed by the Anti-Phishing security engine were still moved to Junk or even quarantined by Microsoft/Google.

Administrators can now configure Harmony Email & Collaboration so that such emails will always reach the end user mailbox, disregarding Microsoft and Google’s spam/phishing scores.

This is done under Config > Security Engines > Anti-Phishing > Configure > Allow-List Settings

For Harmony Email & Collaboration tenants created after this feature is fully deployed*, the new checkbox will be activated by default.

* Note – this feature is being gradually deployed. Expect to see the new settings in your portal in the coming week.