Infrastructure Upgrade and Microsoft Teams Support in all Tenants

Posted by jacobe on June, 16, 2022

An upgrade to the infrastructure of Harmony Email & Collaboration is scheduled to take place gradually in the next couple of weeks.

During next couple of week, we will gradually upgrade our infrastructure, so that customers are able to enjoy a number of new features:

  1. Microsoft Teams protection – automatically connect to Microsoft Teams and prevent sensitive data leakage, phishing messages and sharing files containing malware
  2. A whole new DLP engine – detection improvements, along with customization capabilities and more options to handle misdetections
  3. Several bug fixes in our OneDrive and SharePoint support

To know if you are scheduled to be upgraded, check Config -> SaaS Applications and see if you have the option to enable Teams. If you don’t, you are already upgraded.

Customers that do not have any DLP policy rule defined, can just sit back and enjoy the upgrade. No downtime, no delays.

Customers that do have a DLP policy rule defined – a Check Point Customer Success Manager will contact you to make sure required steps are taken so that transition is just as smooth.

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To read more about the available settings and workflows, visit our admin guide