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77% of Android Devices Still Endanger Users Due to Design Flaws

Researchers have discovered a design flaw in Android that can be used to remotely capture screenshots or record audio… without the user’s knowledge or consent.   The attack relies on the MediaProjection service in Android, which has these extensive capabilities, and was made available for the use of non-propriety apps since Android version 5.0 (Lollipop).…

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Corporate Blog November 30, 2017

Does Your Mobile Anti-Virus App Protect Or Infect You? The Truth Behind DU Antivirus Security

With mobile attacks representing nearly 20% of all cyberattacks in the Americas during the first half of 2017, users are constantly warned to be aware of security risks affecting their data and privacy, and install security software to protect their device. But what happens when antivirus solutions can’t be trusted, and actually compromise users’ privacy?…

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Corporate Blog September 18, 2017

ExpensiveWall: A Dangerous ‘Packed’ Malware On Google Play That Will Hit Your Wallet

Check Point’s mobile threat research team identified a new variant of an Android malware that sends fraudulent premium SMS messages and charges users’ accounts for fake services without their knowledge. According to Google Play data, the malware infected at least 50 apps and was downloaded between 1 million and 4.2 million times before the affected…

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Android September 14, 2017

CSO Gives SandBlast Mobile a Rave Review

I was delighted to read David Strom’s extremely favorable product review of Check Point SandBlast Mobile in CSO magazine a few weeks ago. Strom really puts SandBlast Mobile through the paces in the review, and in the process provides security and IT leaders facing the challenge of securing mobility in their organizations with a great…

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Corporate Blog August 2, 2017

Android Permission Security Flaw

Check Point researchers spotted a flaw in one of Android’s security mechanisms. Based on Google’s policy which grants extensive permissions to apps installed directly from Google Play, this flaw exposes Android users to several types of attacks, including ransomware, banking malware and adware. Check Point reported this flaw to Google, which responded that this issue…

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Threat Research May 9, 2017

SandBlast Mobile receives highest security score in independent test

Great news!  Miercom conducted the first independent, hands-on test of mobile threat defense products and Check Point SandBlast Mobile received Miercom’s Certified Secure Award! This is Miercom’s highest award for achievement in competitive, hands-on testing and according to the firm, “Check Point could detect and block 100% of malicious applications and network attacks and mitigate…

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Android April 25, 2017

Introducing SandBlast Mobile: comprehensive mobile threat protection

Just how susceptible are mobile devices to attacks in enterprise environments? It’s safe to say that mobile cyberattacks beset every business. For 12 months, Check Point analyzed data from 850 companies around the world, and discovered some surprising insights: 100% of the organizations had at least one mobile malware attack The average number of mobile…

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Enterprise Mobile Security April 21, 2017

The latest findings on Chrysaor (Pegasus for Android) are even more stealthy

Earlier this week Google published a research about a new sophisticated spyware tool for Android, believed to be related to the Pegasus malware for iOS, which was discovered in August 2016. As Google wrote in their blog, the malware was most likely created by the authors of Pegasus – the NSO group, and shares many…

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Android April 6, 2017

Google’s annual Android security report illustrates Check Point’s dominance in mobile threat defense research

Google published its annual security report yesterday for the Android ecosystem. The report includes many commendable efforts by Google to improve the security of users, and fight back against the raging surge of malware. One of the major actions Google has introduced this year was working alongside security vendors to eradicate malware from the ecosystem,…

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Threat Research March 23, 2017

2016 H2 Global and Regional Threat Intelligence Trends

Introduction New, sophisticated threats continue to emerge on a daily basis across multiple platforms: social media, mobile platforms, email, and web pages. At the same time, prominent malware and attack methods continue to evolve, bypassing existing security solutions, and tailoring attacks against the largest companies in the world. The devices we use every day are…

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Threat Research February 21, 2017