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Threat Research August 31, 2015

Global XMPP Android Ransomware Campaign Hits Tens of Thousands of Devices

Introduction Ransomware has been a well-known method of attack in the PC world for quite some time. Many PC-based ransomware variants have been thoroughly covered and their malicious payloads described by security researchers. In the…

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Threat Research August 25, 2015

Certifi-gate Found in the Wild on Google Play

New Insights on the Extent, Exploitation, and Mitigation of This New Threat Three weeks ago, Check Point publicly disclosed Certifi-gate, a new vulnerability on Android. Using anonymous data collected from the Certifi-gate scanner, an app…

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Threat Research May 29, 2015

Wipe Leaves Crumbs, Android App Tampering, SMS iPhone Crash – Mobile Security Weekly

Both iOS and Android had several problematic issues this week, making it clear (once again!) that device vendors are failing millions of users from a security perspective. We also reiterate the fact that there are…

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Threat Research March 24, 2015

CuckooDroid – Fighting the Tide of Android Malware

The future is mobile. Few experts doubt this conclusion these days. The accelerating proliferation of smartphones and other devices powered by the Android operating system throughout the world has created a corresponding increase in mobile…

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Threat Research March 13, 2015

Dropbox Ball Drop, Podec Pwns Captcha, Apple (Again) Patches iOS – Mobile Security Weekly

Mobile technology has had a few big weeks. We’ve been given a glimpse into the future at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (Lacoon was also there) and Apple has raised the stakes again with its…

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Threat Research February 19, 2015

Targeted Attacks on Enterprise Mobile Exposed in New Threat Research

New Report: mRATs Caught in the Enterprise With the number of high-profile mobile threats and vulnerabilities like Operation Pawn Storm, xSSER mRAT, and Masque Attack growing, cybertheives are putting more focus on new ways to…

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Threat Research January 26, 2015

Threat Advisory – CVE-2014-7911: A New Root Exploit for Android

In late November, we sent a customer advisory and published a blog post regarding a new privilege escalation exploit that affects all versions of Android prior to 5.0 (Lollipop). We’d like to update you on…

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Threat Research January 16, 2015

Google Cuts Android Security Updates, Apple iCloud Wants Your Biometrics – Mobile Security Weekly

This week’s edition focuses on one main story that is rapidly turning into a bit of a nightmare for Google. Thanks to the elevated awareness of security researchers and bloggers, Google’s controversial policies regarding users…

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Threat Research December 1, 2014

Man in the Binder: He Who Controls the IPC Controls the Droid

At Black Hat Europe, Check Point researchers Nitay Artenstein and Idan Revivo presented their new research on what may become the new frontier of mobile malware attacks, “Man in the Binder: He Who Controls the…

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Threat Research November 25, 2014

Has Your Android Device Been Fakedebuggered?

Information about a new vulnerability used to gain device root access to install files on the Android device file system, an area that can be accessed only with system or root permissions, was published yesterday by…

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