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Research July 6, 2015

Crime Marches On

What a long way we’ve come since the days of simply relying on firewalls. Just as threats have evolved—from an attack called Morris Worm to an attack called POODLE—so have the strategies and tools for…

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Research June 3, 2015

Stopping the Next Massive Cyberattack – Step 3: Implement Security Controls

After assessing network strengths and weaknesses and building a properly segmented network, the next step to stronger security is to implement security controls. Cybercriminals are using sophisticated methods to attack specific targets and steal valuable…

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Research February 11, 2015

Anthem Breach: a Slow and Silent Attack

The attack on Anthem, the second-largest health insurer in the U.S., which exposed identifiable personal data of tens of millions of people, was probably not a smash-and-grab raid but instead a sustained, low-key siphoning of…

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