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Security Insights April 10, 2017

CRN Gives Check Point’s Star Partner Program 5 Stars

For the school kids in our neighborhood, getting a gold star from the teacher is a pretty big deal. Despite providing the world’s toughest cyber security, we’re still big kids at heart when it comes…

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Security Insights

Stranger things: Securing your network in the upside down world of SDx

The smash hit Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’ centers around the mysterious disappearance of residents of Hawkins, Indiana. Those who vanish find themselves in a frightening, parallel nether-world called the ‘Upside Down’, where things are not…

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Security Insights April 3, 2017

Stopping Your Staff from Raining Data from the Cloud

No matter what your company’s official position is on the use of cloud services, your employees absolutely depend on them as part of their day-to-day work. The problem: the services they tend to use usually…

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Security Insights March 27, 2017

Best-of-breed security for hybrid clouds

Wouldn’t it be great if you could make a fresh start with your organization’s IT infrastructure? Unfortunately, unless you’re a start-up, most enterprises don’t have the luxury of starting with a clean slate. Instead, the…

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Security Insights March 20, 2017

Get off my (private) cloud

As enterprises transform their physical data centers to private and hybrid cloud models, how should they secure these new environments, keeping threats and attackers off their cloud? A new era of virtualization, automation and Anything-as-a-Service…

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Uncategorized March 8, 2017

The Skinner adware rears its ugly head on Google Play

A new member of the ever growing adware-found-on-Google-Play-list has been found. Previous members include Viking Horde, DressCode and CallJam, among many others. The malware, dubbed “Skinner”, was embedded inside an app which provides game related…

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Security Insights March 7, 2017

Introducing Check Point vSEC for Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Security Puzzle – Solved! If you are deploying workloads (like web servers) or migrating back office apps into Google Cloud Platform (GCP), you will be happy to know that you can now do it…

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Security Insights

Choice, Flexibility and Advanced Security – Now with Google Cloud Platform

As a general rule of thumb, it has been a long accepted strategy in IT to avoid vendor lock in, or trusting too much in a single equipment provider that you get stuck because changing…

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Uncategorized March 6, 2017

Check Point Software Continues Impressive Run on Industry Recognition by Joining CRN 2017 Security 100 Elite Vendors

These past few months have seen great momentum for Check Point. The CRN 2017 Security 100 List was just released and Check Point tops the list as one of the 25 Coolest Network Security Vendors in the…

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Security Insights March 2, 2017

Check Point Honored as Coolest Cloud Security Vendor by CRN

We are very excited to announce today that CRN has named Check Point to its 100 Coolest Cloud Computing Vendors of 2017 list. This annual lineup recognizes the most innovative cloud technology suppliers in each…

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