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Security Insights October 25, 2016

Check Point’s Cyber Security Predictions for 2017

2016 proved to be another year of devastating data breaches, spanning across multiple industries, across both large and small companies alike. There have been many sobering moments throughout the year, validating once again, that no…

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Security Insights May 19, 2016

Everyday Malware Poses a Risk to Critical Infrastructure

Many people believe that only state-sponsored attacks can endanger critical infrastructure. They claim that such elaborate malware capable of targeting the inner workings of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are not the work of simple hackers.…

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Security Insights April 13, 2016

The Next Battleground – Critical Infrastructure

Cyber threats have dramatically developed throughout the years. From simple worms to viruses, and finally to advanced Trojan horses and malware. But the forms of these threats are not the only things that have evolved.…

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Security Insights April 11, 2016

Security Management for Critical Infrastructure Environments

The mission of protecting industrial control systems (ICS) is so vital that it cannot be left to just any security solution. Every day we expect water to flow from our faucets, our lights and electricity…

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Threat Research January 18, 2016

Ukraine Power Outage Demonstrates Infrastructure Vulnerability

The night before Christmas Eve, the Ivano-Frankivsk region in western Ukraine, an area the size of Connecticut, experienced a power blackout due to what was later identified as a cyberattack. The attack was said to…

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Security Insights June 10, 2015

Critical Infrastructure is at Risk!

Almost all of today’s modern conveniences, such as electricity, transportation, water systems, and manufactured products, are managed by industrial control systems (ICS). Many of these systems are considered to be critical infrastructure and operate as…

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