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Corporate Blog June 6, 2018

What The NBA Finals Can Teach Us About Cyber Security

If LeBron James didn’t play basketball, he’d be just as menacing as a cyber-hacker.   And if Stephen Curry wasn’t shooting three-pointers before he turned three years old, he’d be just as effective at Check…

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Corporate Blog February 1, 2018

How Can Your Business Score Touchdowns Without An Offensive Line?

What the Philadelphia Eagles Can Teach Us About Cyber-Security   Imagine your founding CTO resigning … right before your company’s biggest annual conference. How do you adapt, maintain momentum, and bring home wins?   The…

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Research April 25, 2017

Banking trojans are on the rise: here’s how to avoid being robbed

Banking trojans are helping cybercriminals to commit the perfect crime:  stealing money from the accounts of unsuspecting victims, almost untraceably and at minimal risk.  As such it’s no surprise that from June to December 2016,…

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Research April 13, 2017

March’s ‘Most Wanted’ Malware List: Exploit Kits Rise Again in Popularity

Old malware rarely dies:  it just lies dormant for a while.  This was one of the key findings of the Check Point Research Team’s latest Global Threat Impact Index, which saw a surge in the…

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Research August 2, 2016

SandBlast Receives ‘Recommended’ Rating Once Again

Hackers continue to target organizations with advanced malware. With over 390,000 new malware variants created each day1, traditional security solutions don’t stand a chance in this cat and mouse game. Organizations are constantly striving to…

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