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Industry Trends October 24, 2017

Bad Rabbit – A New Ransomware Outbreak Targeting Ukraine and Russia.

On October 14th, the Ukrainian Security Service warned that a new large scale cyber-attack, similar to notPetya, might take place sometime between October 13 and 17. The attack arrived a few days later than expected;…

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Corporate Blog August 31, 2017

Would you Rather be Reactive or Proactive?

In today’s world, an organization’s cyber security system must always be operating at full force. What seemed to be “good enough solutions” before are simply not enough. Still, organizations choose to handle technical issues after…

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Research July 31, 2017

Hey, you, get off of my cloud.

A large corporation had great expectations for their next digital advertising campaign. This time, they wanted to try cloud technology. So, they signed up with Amazon Web Services (AWS).  Because it was the cloud, their…

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Research May 14, 2017

WannaCry – Paid Time Off?

Let us open with a TL;DR – DO NOT pay the ransom demanded by the WannaCry ransomware! Now, let us explain why: As of this writing , the 3 bitcoin accounts associated with the WannaCry…

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Research May 12, 2017

Global Outbreak of WannaCry

[Updated May 17, 2017] On May 12, 2017 the Check Point Incident Response Team started tracking a wide spread outbreak of the WannaCryp ransomware. We have reports that multiple global organizations are experiencing a large…

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Research March 10, 2017

Three Key Takeaways from WikiLeaks’ Release of CIA Documents

The latest revelations by WikiLeaks, collectively called the “Vault 7 Leak”, have caused quite a commotion in the security world, reinvigorating myths that were previously viewed as theoretical. There are already several lessons to be…

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Research June 17, 2016

Tales from the Trenches: Modern Malware Requires Modern Investigation Techniques

The Check Point Incidence Response team was called in to assist a company who suffered a severe breach in their network, which was not previously protected by Check Point’s advanced protections. The team began to…

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Research June 15, 2016

Trust No One – A Cyberworld Survival Guide

Cybercriminals are professional scammers; their specialty is tricking users into helping them achieve their malicious goals. Attackers use many different tactics, including spam, phishing emails, and fake ads. In each case, the unsuspecting user plays…

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Research October 8, 2015

Managing the Sheer Complexity of Data Center Security

The modern IT system is one of the most complex entities in the business landscape. Every device, server and component tied to the network must be managed and monitored. That’s a significant job for any…

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Research July 8, 2015

Stopping the Next Massive Cyberattack: 5 Steps to Stronger Security

The aftershocks of the 2014 breaches are still reverberating across the security landscape, and many organizations are starting to examine their own security programs, wondering how they can avoid becoming the next big breach story.…

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