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Cloud Security October 2, 2018

Get NIST Cybersecurity Framework Support with Dome9

NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) was a collaboration effort of industry experts and government. This framework is considered to be flexible and useful for protection of critical infrastructure. Based on NIST CSF website – “NIST CSF…

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Cloud Security September 17, 2018

Control Blast Radius with Amazon GuardDuty and Dome9 Log.ic

In a previous blog we talked about our integration with GuardDuty for faster mean time to detection. In this blog we will explore how Dome9 Log.ic (our new security intelligence technology) and Amazon GuardDuty working…

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Cloud Security November 22, 2017

Dome9 Log.ic: Rethinking Threat Intelligence for the Public Cloud

Hundreds of organizations around the world use Dome9 Arc as their go-to solution to establish and maintain a robust security posture in their public cloud environments at scale. Today, we are proud to announce the…

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