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Security Insights July 11, 2016

DIY Attribution, Classification, and In-depth Analysis of Mobile Malware

The security research community has been dealing with malware attribution and classification for decades. The benefits of this process for PC-based malware are myriad and well known. Check Point has followed the same process for…

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Threat Research July 1, 2016

From HummingBad to Worse: New In-Depth Details and Analysis of the HummingBad Android Malware Campaign

For five months, Check Point mobile threat researchers had unprecedented access to the inner-workings of Yingmob, a group of Chinese cyber criminals behind the HummingBad malware campaign. HummingBad is a malware Check Point discovered in…

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Security Insights June 8, 2016

Hack In The Box: Mobile Attackers Are Listening In

While most mobile attacks require some level of interaction with the user, Man-in-The-Middle (MiTM) attacks can achieve their goal without the user ever knowing they occurred. This type of attacks allows attackers to eavesdrop, intercept…

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Security Insights June 3, 2016

In The Wild: Never a Dull Moment with Mobile Malware

Mobile malware learns fast. Every time new security measures come along, malware somehow manages to find a way to overcome them. This week we bring you such a story, with further details about Viking Horde,…

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Security Insights June 1, 2016

Hack In The Box: Mobile Malware Goes In For The Kill

For attackers, installing a Trojan on your mobile device is the best way to attack it. Mobile malware provides attackers with a full arsenal of capabilities they can use to conduct several types of attacks…

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Uncategorized May 29, 2016

OEMs Have Flaws Too: Exposing Two New LG Vulnerabilities

Check Point disclosed today two vulnerabilities (CVE-2016-3117, CVE-2016-2035) which can be used to elevate privileges on LG mobile devices to attack them remotely at the LayerOne 2016 conference in Los Angeles. LG issued fixes for both…

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Security Insights May 27, 2016

Attacks on SMB are a sure thing, according to the latest Verizon report

It’s not surprising that small businesses are much more vulnerable to cyberattacks vs. large enterprises. The 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report reveals just how much (Check Point contributed to the report). The report covers a…

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Security Insights May 20, 2016

In The Wild: Malware in Google Play is as Prevalent and Pesky as Ever

Not a week passes without new malware found on Google Play and this week was no different. Among the malware found are both new and old samples, including a known malicious banker and a new…

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Security Insights May 18, 2016

Hack In The Box: How Attackers Manipulate Root Access and Configuration Changes

Securing iOS and Android smartphones and tablets is still a relatively new concept. Taking control of a mobile device was once considered an unlikely threat because it was hard to do. However, malware has moved…

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Security Insights May 12, 2016

Hack In The Box: System Vulnerabilities Can Leave Mobile Devices Exposed

System vulnerabilities are a major threat facing users and enterprises today, and these need to be remedied thoughtfully. Since these vulnerabilities don’t require social engineering schemes to become exposed, and because they have an alarmingly…

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