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Threat Research May 9, 2016

Viking Horde: A New Type of Android Malware on Google Play

The Check Point research team uncovered a new Android malware campaign on Google Play it calls Viking Horde. Viking Horde conducts ad fraud, but can also be used for other attack purposes such as DDoS…

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Security Insights April 29, 2016

In The Wild: Breaking Mobile Security Paradigms… Again

Security researchers have shattered the mobile security paradigm once again. They’ve managed to bypass Android two-factor authentication, and iOS is proven vulnerable again both to exploits and malware. It has become very clear: traditional defenses are…

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Threat Research April 28, 2016

Marcher Marches On: The Anatomy of a Banker Malware

Not very often do we have the chance to observe the full flow of an attack. Usually, we can analyze the malware itself and, in some cases, we manage to identify the infiltration vector. But…

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Security Insights April 25, 2016

Android Security 2015 Year In Review: What Isn’t Google Telling You?

For the second year in a row, Google released its annual report which details “how Google Services protect the Android ecosystem.” On the surface, the Android Security 2015 Year In Review is a compelling argument for…

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Security Insights April 22, 2016

In The Wild: Google Can’t Close the Door on Android Malware

Mobile Security Observations from the Check Point Research Team After its presentations about “SideStepper” and trends in mobile attacks in BlackHat Asia, the Check Point mobile research team wasn’t surprised to find that the trends…

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Security Insights April 5, 2016

New Technology Strives to Keep Android Apps and Users Safe

Mobile applications are intended to be safe for use, protecting users’ privacy. However, many of them are poorly designed, accessing unnecessary data and receiving superfluous permissions. In fact, this is done not only by malicious…

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Threat Research March 31, 2016

SideStepper: Bypassing the iOS Gatekeeper to Attack iPhone and iPad Devices

Check Point disclosed details about SideStepper, a vulnerability that can be used to install malicious enterprise apps on iPhone and iPad devices enrolled with a mobile device management (MDM) solution. The Check Point mobile research…

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Uncategorized March 29, 2016

Over the Garden Wall: Enterprise Apps Are An Unguarded Path Into iOS

iOS is supposed to be a secure environment where only certified code can run. That’s why Apple uses its app review to scrutinize each and every app before it makes it onto the App Store.…

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Security Insights March 15, 2016

Physical Attack Can Breach Cryptographic Security for Mobile Devices

Researchers from the Check Point Institute for Information Security at Tel Aviv University have discovered that the encryption mechanism used for securing money transfers on mobile phones can be broken using a simple piece of…

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Security Insights March 14, 2016

Over the Garden Wall: Is iOS Security As Secure As You Think?

Apple is known to be very keen on securing its users’ devices to protect them from attacks, but many different attack vectors have managed to bypass the security features of iOS. Today’s post provides a…

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