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Threat Research February 19, 2015

Targeted Attacks on Enterprise Mobile Exposed in New Threat Research

New Report: mRATs Caught in the Enterprise With the number of high-profile mobile threats and vulnerabilities like Operation Pawn Storm, xSSER mRAT, and Masque Attack growing, cybertheives are putting more focus on new ways to…

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Threat Research September 29, 2014

Vulnerability Discovered Within Default Android Web Browser

A Vulnerability That Could Enable a Threat Actor to Run Malicious Code on a Victim’s Device Has Been Disclosed by Google Several weeks ago, Google discretely disclosed a vulnerability within the ASOP browser, the browser that…

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Threat Research April 15, 2014

Heartbleed Product Update – Lacoon Customers Are Protected

Lacoon Releases MobileFortress Product Update for Heartbleed – Providing customers with the first solution able to detect and protect their mobile devices from Heartbleed so they can confidently continue to do business  

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Threat Research April 13, 2014

Is your Mobile Device Vulnerable to the Heartbleed Bug? Test it now.

Heartbleed has taken the Internet by storm, affecting both PC and mobile users. Heartbleed is a serious flaw in the method used by more than two thirds of the Internet to secure communications between users…

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