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SandBlast Mobile delivers new Orange Mobile Threat Protection service

Mobile devices are critical to every organization’s digital transformation initiative. But for hackers set on stealing sensitive business data, mobile devices are the new back door to the enterprise network.   In fact, 20% of all businesses have been breached and an even larger number has no idea whether they’ve experienced a mobile attack, according…

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Corporate Blog February 8, 2018

October’s Most Wanted Malware: Cryptocurrency Mining Presents New Threat

Check Point’s latest Global Threat Index has revealed crypto miners were an increasingly prevalent form of malware during October as organizations were targeted with the CoinHive variant Crypto mining is emerging as a silent, yet significant, actor in the threat landscape, allowing threat actors to extract substantial profits while victims’ endpoints and networks suffer from…

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Corporate Blog November 13, 2017

BlueBorne: A New Set of Bluetooth Vulnerabilities Endangering Every Connected Device

The IoT cybersecurity firm, Armis, has revealed eight vulnerabilities in the implementation of Bluetooth in several operating systems, including Android, Windows, Linux, and iOS, successful exploitation of which could allow hackers to take complete control of a device. Indeed, these are the most severe vulnerabilities found in Bluetooth in recent years and are worrying due…

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Corporate Blog September 12, 2017

The Judy Malware: Possibly the largest malware campaign found on Google Play

Check Point researchers discovered another widespread malware campaign on Google Play, Google’s official app store. The malware, dubbed “Judy”, is an auto-clicking adware which was found on 41 apps developed by a Korean company. The malware uses infected devices to generate large amounts of fraudulent clicks on advertisements, generating revenues for the perpetrators behind it.…

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Mobile Malware May 25, 2017

The mobile banker threat – from end to end

One of the most dangerous threats targeting mobile users is the banking malware. These malicious pieces of code are designed to steal financial information and transfer funds to their own accounts. Over the years, perpetrators successfully managed to overcome all obstacles set before them, such as the 2-Factor-Authentication security mechanism and defenses set in different…

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Threat Research May 16, 2017

Android Permission Security Flaw

Check Point researchers spotted a flaw in one of Android’s security mechanisms. Based on Google’s policy which grants extensive permissions to apps installed directly from Google Play, this flaw exposes Android users to several types of attacks, including ransomware, banking malware and adware. Check Point reported this flaw to Google, which responded that this issue…

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Threat Research May 9, 2017

Check Point Infinity – The Security Architecture of the Future – Today

Infinity is boundless.  Unfortunately so are your IT demands and security expectations.  The explosion of new technologies promising simplification, untold efficiencies and cost savings are only creating uncertainty, complexity and risk. There needs to be a force to unify and harness the promise of these new technologies for the benefit of business operations and customers. …

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Security Insights April 20, 2017

The latest findings on Chrysaor (Pegasus for Android) are even more stealthy

Earlier this week Google published a research about a new sophisticated spyware tool for Android, believed to be related to the Pegasus malware for iOS, which was discovered in August 2016. As Google wrote in their blog, the malware was most likely created by the authors of Pegasus – the NSO group, and shares many…

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Android April 6, 2017

Google’s annual Android security report illustrates Check Point’s dominance in mobile threat defense research

Google published its annual security report yesterday for the Android ecosystem. The report includes many commendable efforts by Google to improve the security of users, and fight back against the raging surge of malware. One of the major actions Google has introduced this year was working alongside security vendors to eradicate malware from the ecosystem,…

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Threat Research March 23, 2017

Three Key Takeaways from WikiLeaks’ Release of CIA Documents

The latest revelations by WikiLeaks, collectively called the “Vault 7 Leak”, have caused quite a commotion in the security world, reinvigorating myths that were previously viewed as theoretical. There are already several lessons to be learned from WikiLeaks’ most recent data dump, and we offer you three top takeaways from the initial document disclosure.  …

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Security Insights March 10, 2017