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Research September 22, 2016

Gartner Recognizes the Importance of Mobile Threat Defense

HummingBad. Stagefright. QuadRooter. Mobile malware and vulnerabilities have been making headlines well over the past year, and attacks are becoming a more common way for cybercriminals to steal sensitive data. We believe this trend –…

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Research September 21, 2016

On Their Best Behavior: Securing iOS and Android in the Enterprise

In today’s business environment, using mobile devices isn’t just a business requirement, it’s an employee expectation. But for some organizations, these devices present security challenges that prevent or limit their ability to support a fully…

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Research September 16, 2016

In The Wild: App Stores Are No Sanctuary for Mobile Malware

Most mobile users rely on Google Play and the Apple App Store for their safety and assume that by downloading only highly-rated apps from these stores keeps them safe from mobile malware. In the past,…

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Research September 8, 2016

Life After QuadRooter: Measuring The Impact

Following Check Point’s disclosure of QuadRooter at Black Hat USA on August 7, the free QuadRooter scanner app was downloaded over half a million times. The results of the scans Check Point collected show that…

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Research May 25, 2016

Hack In The Box: Malware Disguises Itself To Infiltrate Your Device

No user would intentionally allow malware onto a mobile device, so it’s obvious why malicious apps disguise themselves to trick users into inviting them in. In many cases, malware tries to persuade the user into…

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