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Research July 21, 2020

How scammers are hiding their phishing trips in public clouds

Recently, we published our research on how threat actors are taking advantage of well-known cloud services to download malicious payloads. This technique has also been observed in phishing attacks, where cloud storage services are used…

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Research August 15, 2017

Get Rich or Die Trying: A Case Study on the Real Identity behind a Wave of Cyber Attacks on Energy, Mining and Infrastructure Companies

    Over the past 4 months, over 4,000 organizations globally have been targeted by cyber attacks which aim to infect their networks, steal data and commit fraud.  Many of these companies are leading international…

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Research December 1, 2015

Check Point’s Security Predictions for 2016

At the beginning of last year, Check Point’s top predicted security threats for 2015 included the rapid growth of unknown malware and the exploit of vulnerabilities in platforms such as Android and iOS. These predictions…

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Research November 9, 2015

Rocket Kitten: A Campaign With 9 Lives

The customized malware and creative phishing techniques of cyber-espionage groups prove that there is a recurring industry problem. Cyber criminals can evade detection by making minimal changes to bypass most current protection solutions. Since early…

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Research November 3, 2015

Phishing for Employees in Russia

During the period August 27-30, 2015, Check Point sensors recorded a large amount of logs generated by the IPS protection “PHP Print Remote Shell Command Execution.” This was an interesting anomaly, as we do not…

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Research July 26, 2015

Current Wave of Ransomware

Today, ransomware like Cryptolocker is hitting organizations around the globe. At Check Point, we can help prevent these ransomware attacks through a multi-layered approach to security. The current round of ransomware is coming in through…

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Research June 9, 2015

New Data: Volatile Cedar Malware Campaign

      At the end of March, we published a blog post and a whitepaper about a cyber-espionage campaign dubbed “Volatile Cedar.” This campaign has successfully penetrated targets world-wide, using a variety of attack…

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May 20, 2015

Storm Kit – Changing the rules of the DDoS attack

Background Distributed denial of service (DDoS) is one of the most commonly used cybercriminal methods. It’s easy, cheap and difficult to trace, and “service providers” can be found throughout the “dark” Web. As a result,…

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April 8, 2015

The Curious Incident of the Phish in the Night-Time: a Forensic Case Study

Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals involved.   On the morning of February 26, 2015, Laurie logged on to her Google account at work and discovered that overnight, someone had…

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December 23, 2014

Your Website Should Reflect Your Brand – Not an Attacker’s

When IT professionals and business owners think about their security strategies, they often forget about one of the easiest assets for cyber criminals to attack: their websites. From consumer brands to small businesses to large…

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