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Corporate Blog July 21, 2020

How scammers are hiding their phishing trips in public clouds

Recently, we published our research on how threat actors are taking advantage of well-known cloud services to download malicious payloads. This technique has also been observed in phishing attacks, where cloud storage services are used…

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Corporate Blog June 18, 2018

Cyber-Criminals Are On The Offensive During the World Cup: Wallchart Phishing Campaign Exploits Soccer Fans

Keeping track of the World Cup can get overwhelming.   Cyber criminals are keenly aware of this pain point, seeking to use the buzz around the World Cup as cover for their sneaky attacks.  …

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Corporate Blog June 14, 2018

Account Takeovers and Cloud Security, Part 3: The Anti-Phishing Solution

Having already looked at the challenges of moving to the cloud, and how attackers gain control of a victim’s account, in this third and final post in our cloud security series, we will be looking…

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Security Insights April 17, 2017

When you look at files from your cloud, are they looking back at you?

When your users look at files served from your cloud platform, files that have tracking pixels could be looking back — revealing more than you should to outsiders about users and infrastructure. Security researchers are…

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Threat Research February 9, 2017

The SMISHING threat – unraveling the details of an attack

  On January 26, a new smishing attack targeted users in the Czech Republic. Smishing, or SMS phishing, is a vector attackers use to send SMS messages from supposedly legitimate organizations.  These messages persuade users…

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Security Insights October 19, 2016

Phishing: Reeling in Enterprises for Hefty Profits

Can you believe that phishing, the scam that tricks users into giving away sensitive information like their credit card numbers and bank login credentials, is still with us after more than twenty years? Phishing is…

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Security Insights August 30, 2016

Whaling: The Hunt for High Profile Business Targets

What are whaling attacks? “Whaling” attacks, also called Business Email Compromise (BEC), are a newer form of phishing attack. Phishing attacks consist of messages sent to would-be victims that try to deceive them into clicking…

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Threat Research August 23, 2016

Phishing scams target everyone – even us!

Phishing scams have been around for over twenty years. It appears unlikely that they will ever go away. Targeting anyone with an email address, they continue to be a persistent threat. Recently, even some of…

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Uncategorized August 2, 2016

Secure Every Click – Check Point SandBlast™ Agent for Browsers

Internet users expect near-instant and unconstrained access to web content when browsing. Unfortunately, the web poses one of the greatest threats to enterprises today. Malware may be hidden in web-downloaded content or webmail attachments. Your…

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Threat Research November 9, 2015

Rocket Kitten: A Campaign With 9 Lives

The customized malware and creative phishing techniques of cyber-espionage groups prove that there is a recurring industry problem. Cyber criminals can evade detection by making minimal changes to bypass most current protection solutions. Since early…

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