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Cyber Attack Trends: 2018 Mid-Year Report

When it comes to the global cyber threat landscape, threats are ever evolving, keeping organizations – as well as the security community – constantly challenged. From taking advantage of the Blockchain to developing new attack methods in the thriving mobile arena, threat actors utilize all the latest technologies to achieve their malicious goals.   In…

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Corporate Blog July 12, 2018

Cyber-Criminals Are On The Offensive During the World Cup: Wallchart Phishing Campaign Exploits Soccer Fans

Keeping track of the World Cup can get overwhelming.   Cyber criminals are keenly aware of this pain point, seeking to use the buzz around the World Cup as cover for their sneaky attacks.   Check Point researchers have identified a phishing campaign targeting soccer fans, using the email subject line of ““World_Cup_2018_Schedule_and_Scoresheet_V1.86_CB-DL-Manager.”  This type…

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Corporate Blog June 18, 2018

The Check Point 2017 Global Threat Intelligence Trends Report

2017 was an incredible year for the cyber security industry. With attacks reaching ever higher numbers and increasing levels of innovation, there seems to be no stop to the cat and mouse game taking place between threat actors and security experts. In our H2 2017 Global Threat Intelligence Trends Report, we reveal that cyber-criminals are…

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Corporate Blog January 31, 2018

Check Point IoT Blog Series: ‘Home, Smart Home’ – But How Secure Is It?

The smart home is often idealized as a domestic paradise — your fridge orders your groceries for you, your robot vacuum cleaner zooms from room to room, and changing the thermostat is as easy as pulling up an app on your phone. But beneath the surface of this always-on, seamlessly connected exterior, however, lie significant…

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Corporate Blog November 7, 2017

September’s Most Wanted Malware: Locky Shoots Back Up Global Rankings

Check Point’s latest Global Threat Index has revealed a massive increase in worldwide Locky attacks during September, with the ransomware impacting 11.5% of organizations globally over the course of the month. Locky has not appeared in our Global Threat Impact Index, which reports on the top ten most prevalent malware attacks globally every month, since…

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Corporate Blog October 12, 2017

ZoneAlarm Anti-Ransomware Earns “Editor’s Choice” from PC magazine

A recent review in PC magazine by Lead Analyst, Neil J. Rubenking approaches one of cyber security’s latest growing concerns, ransomware. Various comparison tests of anti-ransomware products were conducted while specifically focusing on Check Point’s consumer anti-ransomware product, ZoneAlarm. ZoneAlarm by Check Point is based on the same technology of its enterprise grade product, SandBlast…

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Corporate Blog August 15, 2017

Threat Brief: Petya Ransomware, A Global Attack

[updated 6/28] A worldwide attack erupted on June 27 with a high concentration of hits in Ukraine – including the Ukrainian central bank, government offices and private companies. The attack is distributing what seems to be a variant of Petya, an MBR ransomware. While the source of the attack has yet to be determined, many researchers…

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Corporate Blog June 27, 2017

May’s Most Wanted Malware: Fireball and Wannacry Impact More Than 1 in 4 Organizations Globally

Check Point’s latest Global Threat Impact Index revealed more than one in four organizations globally was affected by the Fireball or Wannacry attacks during May– in the company’s latest Global Threat Impact Index.   The top three malware families that impacted networks globally were zero-day, previously unseen attacks.  Fireball impacted one in five organizations worldwide,…

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Corporate Blog June 20, 2017

Check Point Reveals Global WannaCry Ransomware Infection Map at CPX Europe 2017

Check Point researchers have been investigating the ransomware campaign in detail since it was first reported. With a new Check Point WannaCry Ransomware Infection Map, the researchers were able to track 34,300 attack attempts in 97 countries. The average pace as of today is one attempt in every three second – indicating a slight decline…

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Threat Research May 17, 2017

CRYING IS FUTILE: SandBlast Forensic Analysis of WannaCry

Using the NSA exploit EternalBlue released by the Shadow Brokers, the WannaCry ransomware developers have added their names to malware lore. Given the number of institutions hit and the amount of media generated, it seemed appropriate to show what the ransomware actually does on a system through our SandBlast Agent Forensics product. The WannaCry outbreak…

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Threat Research May 16, 2017